What I need to do before and after I put my new DVD burner in my computer



I got my DVD Burner today. I was wondering what I need to do before and after I put it in my computer. Will it recognize it? and will it prompt me to get the latest firmware?


Assuming you have XP, you won’t need any drivers, it will recognize it once installed. Depending on your setup, you may need to decide on how to set the jumper on the drive and any existing drive. If you are just putting the burner in another drive’s place, usually just using the same jumper settings as the replaced drive will be ok. It will not prompt you to update the latest firmware, that’s entirely a user-initiated update. I WOULD suggest updating the firmware once you get it installed though. What model of burner did you get? I can’t recall who orders what :stuck_out_tongue:


also, some burners like to be master on there ide.


You’ll need some software if the drive did not come with it. I would recommend an OEM copy of Nero 6 from eBay. Probably less than $10.


After installing the burner?
Quality media and good burning prog.


I have Nero. I got a NEC 3550A OEM. All it came with is the burner. I already have a drive on master so I will just put it on slave. Will is work properly that way?


Another dvd rom or writer? If its a dvd rom you’d probably want that on slave and the writer on master or am incorrect? Anybody???


i concure,since it will probly be used the most.also should be the topslot also.


Make sure you set the jumpers on the back of the drives to master and slave depending on what connector on the cable you are using. Most burners work best with an 80 wire cable too.