What i need is a menu program for my dvds

ok what i need is a menu program for my dvds. i have heaps of movies which i would love to put onto dvds, what i need is a start up menu which i can link to the movies, i have room to fit 3 movies onto a dvd. what i want to be able to do is drag the movie files into the menu and set it up to start the movie. the menu must start when i boot the dvd and give me the option of which movie i want to watch.

Have a look at DVDLab Pro . Once you’ve got your mpeg files it’s quite easy to add a menu with links. Another option would be TmpGenc DVD Author.

Another freeware choice is DVDStyler. Works very well indeed with drag & dropping MPEG2 files.


All those listed above are good. There are many more as well. Rather than typing the entire list, you can just take a look at www.videohelp.com/tools, and look at Authoring tools.

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Nero will make basic menus for DVD’s.