What I need from start to finish?

I know there are threads on here for this, but i want to start fresh, so i’m not confused. I would like to know what I need to convert an .avi file to play on household dvd player. From burners to conversion programs and not sure if my .avi is coded or not. Thank You

Alright, I’ll try to help a bit.

First download one of these free programs: DVDFlick, AVStoDVD or FAVC. All are easily found with Google search. FAVC requires Net 2.0 and Avisynth installed but they are also free, and there are direct links to them at the FAVC site.

DVDFlick is probably the easiest to use for a beginner. AVStoDVD and FAVC can use the HC encoder which I prefer for better quality results.

Since I have AVStoDVD installed, I’ll go through the steps with it. Start the program. On the right side of the window there is a green + sign. Click on this to navigate to your avi file. Once you get to the avi file, click on it to highlight it and then hit Open. This will import the avi file to the program.

Now lets take a look at the settings. Go to the top of the window and click on Options, then Settings. What I want you to look for is the Audio/Video tab. In here you must set the output to match your country’s standard for dvds. In the US it will be NTSC. For most of the rest of the world you would select PAL. Once you have that set correctly hit OK.

The rest of the settings will be left at their default. Which means you are making a dvd to fit onto a single layer blank disk. The output from the program will go to the My Documents folder. You can also set that somewhere else if you’d like.

Next step is making the menu. Click on Menu Edit. This will give you a preview of the menu at default settings. If you like it, just click on the X at the top right and it will close the Menu editing section and take you back to the original window. If you want to edit the menu, click on Edit while within the Menu Edit window, and change things how you want them. Click Preview and make sure everything is set, then exit the Menu Editor.

You should be ready to go now. Click on the big Start button at the bottom right and let the program convert the avi to dvd-video for you.

You know how to burn dvd video to a blank dvd I hope? If not, let us know. It is possible to set up AVStoDVD to burn automatically with a free burning program called ImgBurn. ImgBurn is highly recommended around here, and is my main burning program. If you want instructions on how to set AVStoDVD to burn automatically, just tell us here in your thread.