What? I have to buy software to format DVDs!

How come windows XP won’t format a DVD!

Got some DVD+RW disks for back ups etc… and couldnt use them without downloading a trial of Nero 7 so I could format them??

There must be another way?

Hardware: NEC3500AG
Windows XP with svs pack 2

You should not have to format them, as they are already formatted and ready to go out of the box.

Does your drive have problems seeing the media?
Have you done a firmware upgrade to your NEC3500AG?

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I can’t remember :confused: - does XP built-in packet-writing mean the discs have to be prepared first? Long time since I used that type of software…

If you don’t necessarily need incremental back-ups, an alternative is to use the newer features of ImgBurn (freeware): you can build a DVD disc image then when it hits the mark, burn it to a physical disc.

I thought it wasn’t Packet-Writing but multi-session?

XP doesn’t support writing to DVDs on it’s own , only CDs, so other software is essential.

Also I think you’ll find that they’re not formatted to start with.

I often re-format DVD-RW and CD-RW disks, so understand why that would be a good built-in option.

Yes, it would be nice if Windows XP had the ability to manage that built-in.

Thanks TimC - now I remember it was built-in for CD-RW but not for DVD-RW.


If you get a cheapo version of Nero 6 [B][I]Suite 3[/I][/B] it will have all you need and a unlocking code so you can update the software - look for it on eBay or www.pricewatch.com -eh!

There are some free burner apps out there, aren’t there?

[B]ImgBurn[/B], like I said, and although IMO clearly the best, it probably won’t cater for incremental backups.

Here are some:


Free is good. :slight_smile:



good luck.

Thanks alot everyone.

Hopefully Vista will have support for this. Seems pants to me that you need third party software!

How about Deepburner? Sounds ok

Da ya know. I might just splash our for Nero anyway! It just got my back up {excuse the pun - lol}

Because it has no DVD support, period.