What Hdtv mainly for Xbox 360

Can anyone recommend me a quality 32" Lcd Hdtv mainly for Xbox 360 and dvds (I have the older Xbox 360 with the hd component lead) I have been looking at Tvs for ages and it is doing my head in. Please help thanks:bow:

Specifiy region/country since no model exist “everywhere”.

Sorry EU UK Is it even worth looking at full 1080p for a 32"?

I’d have a look at Sharp LC-32RD2E or LC-32X20E if you want to game, watch HD content and have good picure quality.

As far as I know empiredirect.co.uk is a good retailer with good prices.

I have been reading forums and people say that on a small screen you cann’t tell the difference is this true?

Yes, at least for 32".
You probably also want to have a look at Sony KDL32D3000 :slight_smile:

Thanks, any more?

Naw, any of those will be excellent choices IMHO

Ok thanks, this might be a stupid question but on some Xbox 360 games it says 60hz only, so would they work with a 100hz tv

Yes, they’ll work fine

Thanks alot, one more thing what does (Ctv) Lcd mean?


Thanks Diizy. sorry to bug you but do you know if the Sharp LC32X20E can do 60hz needed for some Xbox games? all I can see from the stats is a mention of 50hz. Also I can see that it has Component RCA so does this mean all the 5 needed for the component hd lead? and will it really do 1080p via the component? I know that I probably will not see the real benefit of the 1080p on a 32" but I was hoping it might make games run smoother less blurring and stuff is this true?

  • 60Hz will work fine
  • Component uses 3 leads, the other two are for sound
  • XboX 360 does 1080i (as maximum over component), 720p is a better choice
  • Blurring is due to the panel (high ms)
  • It’s more likely that you’ll get choppy framerates running at 1080p than 720p.
    I would also have a look at both in real life before ordering, after all there’s a bit extra you need to shell out for the X20E. :slight_smile:

Thanks. are you sure I can’t do 1080p over the component even with the update? What would you buy?

Might be of interest, I’d skip the X20E because you wont notice a difference anyway.
Between those two I’d go for the Sharp since it’s cheaper and it’s more than good enough for Xbox 360 :slight_smile:
Keep in mind that the Sony have one more HDMI connector (3 instead of 2) and doesnt share VGA/Component input as the Sharp.
1080p output is only via VGA as far as I can tell and I do know that they’ve been some issues with frame drops (might be fixed by now) running at 1080p.

Thanks, I am really looking in to the Sony now.

To be honest I think D3000 is being out-phased (still a great tv) but dont pay too much for it. 660£ tops
Keep in mind that the Sharp has 4 ms response time compared to Sony’s 8 ms.
Happy hunting

Could you tell me a bit more about the response time? Is a lower or higher no. better?

[QUOTE=Ron28;1967334]Could you tell me a bit more about the response time? Is a lower or higher no. better?[/QUOTE]