What HD brands are good?

Besides western digital? I can’t find a WD that fit’s my preferences, so i’m looking elsewhere. But having had great luck with WD for years and seeing many say they are about as reliable as it gets, i want to be sure i buy something as reliable. What brands are, if any? (no maxtor please)

I like seagate personally. Good warranty and good performance.

i’ve a maxtor & a samsung, not had any problems with any, touch wood…

Never had a problem with my Seagates and Maxtors…:slight_smile:

Seagate, in my own experience ;), are very reliable. Good warranty as well, as mentioned.

Maxtor hasn’t let me down yet and I own 4 of them.

I’ve had a few seagates dying here and there, sadly :frowning:
As Arachne said before, they have a good 5 years warranty. I still wonder why they registered themselves on the Cayman Islands though… taxes?

WD, Seagate/Maxtor, Hitachi, Samsung, etc. all probably have relatively the same failure rates…but they do differ in noise and speed.

i highly suggest reading www.storagereview.com (see the reliability database specifically) to learn more about HDDs.

Well now Seagate and Maxtor are the same. Maxtor has acquired Seagate :slight_smile:

other way around - Seagate acquired Maxtor.


[embarassed] :slight_smile: I of all people should have known better :smiley:

That’s what I meant :slight_smile:

BTW, the 3 year waranty concerns only the RETAIL boxed version and not the OEM drives (those come in an antistatic bag) and have 1 year. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I found that out after the fact not so long ago. Didn’t put me off, I went out and bought a retail package a little while later.

Been running sweet as a nut for the last 5 months :slight_smile:

lol - hmm what kind of nuts are you eating there ? :slight_smile:

5 months is not enough to judge a good HDD - Wait over 9 months and then we’ll talk :smiley:

I have a dozen maxtors here and 6 on both PCs and all are running 24/7, not a problem so far.

Maxtor did have its share of problems a while back with defective drives circulating. I often buy and test hardware and I notice that things now are not as well built as they used to be… Not only flimsier but cheaper electronic components.

Samsung have a “quiet mode”, which I like (Seagate as well, if I remember correctly, but still not as quiet as Samsung).

Hehe, I know 5 months isn’t long - but the last one started to go South a lot sooner than that! Mine runs as long as I’m awake, so it gets a lot of uptime, too :slight_smile:

However, I do have a 6 year old Maxtor, and another 5 year old Seagate here - both are also absolutely fine. :wink:

warranty on all seagates is 5 yrs - retail and OEM - at least here in the US. only 1 yr however on retail externals.

DOH, lol, nevermind.

Don’t go the OEM path!!!
OEM is not for the public, so the warranty is like nada, nothing, nix.

Extra care also for refurbished drives…

This has always cracked me up. I’ve heard stories about these, but I’ve never actually seen one. Do these really exist in your market?

How exactly do you refurbish a HDD?

I cancelled the order. The drive was Retail wasnt it anyway as it came in a boc with a hitatchi cd etc?? In any case I realised that Ive already got a good enough external lacie D2 160gb, and if I want to back anything up I can always use a dvd or my dvd ram discs. eesh sometimes i just get that coal in my pocket, thank goodness for quick cancelations for orders.

And yes buga they do exist, try looking at ebuyer.com.