What have you just lost? CD/DVD related or otherwise

I killed my LG GSA-H12N (not just, but yesterday). And it was my own fault. >_<

Now I guess it’s time for a new LG. The H44N? I heard that it burns with lower jitter than H10N/H12N.

Wow, what happened to it?

I haven’t lost anything CD/DVD related or otherwise, but I’m surprised my NEC doesn’t die of exhaustion the amount of discs I’m burning on it. :eek:

I stepped on the open tray with my right foot, it went “crack” and now the tray won’t close. I’m not too keen on reparing it so it will be a new LG…

Just don’t know which one to pick.
H42N? H44N? H50L? H54N? H55N? H62N?

It seems that not many lose stuff regularly :bigsmile:

Once I almost lost a DVD with very important data. It made me really angry. Just imagine: you spend a lot of time and effort to find the best possible media and the ideal burning configuration. Then you carefully prepare the data, organizing it into directories and creating a HTML menu for easy access (one week of work). You burn it and you realise that you have one of you best scans ever. Then you put the media somewhere where you can’t find it.

I spent almost two weeks looking for that damn disc. I found it between my clothes. No idea how it got there :shocked:

H44N FTW!!

I lost my Full Counterstrike backup, it had all my custom models in it :doh: :sad: :sad:

Otherwise I have been pretty good not losing stuff…

Opps I meant the H42N!!!

I flashed a wrong drive last year.
Flashed a Litey cd burner with Litey dvdfirmware :doh:,picked the wrong drive.
Whatever I tried, puter couldnt recognize it anymore,had to throw it away.
Too much of an embarrassment, thats why it took me a year to tell ya guys :o :wink:

I lost a Giveaway of the day when I had to recover to an earlier time.

I just lost about $800. (MAYBE???)
I’m going to start building myself a new computer tomarrow. All the parts arived today so I can’t wait to get started. I always wanted to try building one but I thought I’d better get some idea how to do it before I start. Thanks to CD Freaks I’ve learned alot and I think I can do it. Anyway it’ll be fun trying.

Thought I’d bring this thread back up 'cos last week I had to say goodbye to two of my lovely burners - NEC 4551A and Sammy SH-S162L :sad: :sad:

They went into the PC that my mum just gave her boyfriend (her old Celeron)…and to top it off he never even thanked me! Men…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi :slight_smile:
The only thing I’ve lost is my sanity. :stuck_out_tongue: :doh: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Old news :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry bout the Sammy. Not really sorry about the NEC, as you still have an Optiarc. [Yes, I know you have the other Sammy, but still…]

Awww, thanks :flower: - never got to use LightScribe on it either! :doh:

I knew there was a reason I was sorry–the Lightscribe! Haha. Better use yer Litey’s Litey before you lose it, too. :eek:

Although not recent by any means, I have lost:

-1 Samsung WEP-185 Bluetooth earpiece [the only thing I literally lost; has since been replaced with a Samsung WEP-410 earpiece]
-1 Lite-On SOHW-1653S [Father’s day gift; had been OOC since getting the 1693S]
-1 Lite-On SOHW-832S [In old computer that my father has; was replaced by my Sony DRU-810A]
-1 ATi TV Wonder Pro TV Tuner [Broke the cable jack at the solder point; replaced by my ATi TV Wonder Elite]
-1 Intel D915GRO OEM motherboard [bad flash last year; was replaced with my D101GGCL mobo]
-1 hp pavilion m70 monitor [from mid-2000; hot chocolate + monitor = auto-shutoff and die; temporarily using a Compaq MV520 monitor from around the same time]

Hehe, yeah I’ve used the Litey’s Litey a few times already :iagree:

Edit: did the hot chocolate and monitor make a nice bang? :bigsmile:

[further off-topic, which is really on-topic in the LR according to Drage]

I’ve 4 LS-capable drives, and only used 1 so far [GSA-4166B]. I need to LS some discs I burned today, though. Might try the laptop Sammy and see how it does compared to its big bro.

EDIT: No, unfortunately. It only fizzled and popped, and went out with a beam of light in the center of the screen. Needless to say, the monitor had the good sense to go into a DPMS-like state and sleep. It [hot chocolate] got all over a bunch of cords, my speakers, and much other stuff, though. & My surge protectors had to be cleaned off the next morning.

EDIT 2: I also lost:
-a Philips HDD060 6 GB MP3 player. It died of getting too cold, when [I assume] the flash chip lost its programming.
-killed various pairs of headphones
-killed one hp scanner
-broke the glass in the 2nd hp scanner [my 3rd scanner–a Canon that I’ve had for 4 or 5 years–is still working fine].
-an Xbox to lightening.
-2 VCRs to faults in designs