What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise

What MID codes? I wonder if this is new production or old stock media?

Verbatim DataLifePlus Digital Movie DVD+R 4x MCC 002, one package made in Taiwan, other 6 made in India.

Interestingly discs produced in Taiwan and India have same stamper code, does it mean that it has been moved from one plant to another or were there many copies of same stamper?

India: 4099 517 +R B D 16239, ZC8059-DVR-W47B, manuf date April 8th, 2004
Taiwan: 4058E224+00939B19, ZC8059-DVR-W47B, manuf date February 27th, 2004

Hope that they burn well and work fine as archival disc :wink:

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Items from Japan.

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Also made in Japan?


Japan / Taiwan.

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Hi, I notice your item posting consist of hub codes and stamp serial of disc how are you getting this? where it can be found on the disc? Are this the serial engrave on the middle ring and the number digital stamp on the data side near the hole? It is too small I need a lens to check it.


To see stamper code it’s needed to have a source of light that you can direct at different angles, dual layer media can have two of those. Stamper code = identifier of tool, many discs produced on same tool will have same code.

Hub code(s) depending on manufacturer can be printed with ink or pressed which makes it not so visible. Dual layer media can have two of those, it’s a serial number of a disc, unique to each of them.

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oooh, hard to find these in australia (where im at)
do u have any scans mate

I bought some laptop internal drives in bulk, hoping to find something interesting, unfortunately TSST drives are over-represented :slight_smile:

The oldest in the list is QSI’s DVD-ROM, but the plastic piece holding the hub is missing, so I don’t know if it still works properly. It’s by far most “material” rich unit.

Any of these seem to be worth keeping? :slight_smile:

Manuf OEM Model Type Year Mth
HLDS GSA-T20N DVD±RW 2007 08
HLDS HP GT30L DVD±RW 2009 12
HLDS GU10N DVD±RW 2009 12
HLDS HP GT50N DVD±RW 2012 09
HLDS GT90N DVD±RW 2013 04
HLDS HP GU70N DVD±RW 2013 08
Optiarc AD-7580S DVD±RW 2009 07
Panasonic UJ-850 DVD±RW 2007 10
Panasonic UJ890 DVD±RW 2010 03
Panasonic UJ8B0 DVD±RW 2011 09
Panasonic UJ8C0 DVD±RW 2012 10
Philips HP SDVD8821 DVD±RW 2006 10
Pioneer HP DVR-K17B DVD±RW 2007 10
PLDS DS-8A8SH DVD±RW 2012 09
PLDS HP DU-8A5SHH112B DVD±RW 2014 03
QSI HP SDR-081 DVD-ROM 2001 07
Sony HP DW-G520A DVD±RW 2006 09

Some of the newer LGs are good drives for writing, the differences should be very small (if there are differences).

The DS8A8SH is also OK.

The Panasonics, at leat the UJ-series should be also made by QSI. Nothing special, in my experience only good with a few media.

An old DVD-ROM is not on my must have list. in my experience these drives are very slow with reading burned media.

The TSST are nothing special and in my experience unreliable drives.

Thanks for commenting.

Regarding the manufacturers I tend to follow UL file number stated on the label to get an idea about the manufacturer. All the Panasonic/Matshita drives share the same E140407 file, which indicates their own approval.

QSI has UL-file E204940, and this is the only surprise in the list, since Philips SDVD8821 also shares the same code (label style is similar as well), and the next drive sharing the same approval is… Sony Optiarc AD-7580S, how unlikely it seems, factory code follows the same pattern in all the three drives… The QSI drive being manufactured in C1 plant, while both Philips and Sony Optiarc were manufactured in C2.

All other drives are consistent (HLDS = E119002, PLDS = E306430, Pioneer = E99677, Sony = E73362, TSST = E225119).

Just came home with an expensive stock of PHILIP-R04-000 discs…

Mediarange BD-R 1-4x 25 pcs, January 2011, hub code 1027 915 Ab 15 04170 4x 1842, stamper code BR383Q BDR 1-4X,

Pleomax BD-R 1-4x 5 pcs, made in India, December 2007, hub code BDR 071207 11:23 12, stamper code H30051

Incredible expensive packaging of the Pleomax discs, every jewelbox has a carton, colour-printed sleeve… One might expect more valuable disc :slight_smile:


Got this today, from an eBay reseller, the seller gave me a wrong track no :man_facepalming: if I did not sent a message he would not update, its been 45 days.:worried: anyway its here
MediaRange BDr DL - MR507

3 Fujifilm DVD discs:

The left case was open, and inside there was a Fujifilm DVD-R 8x disc, so all of them turn out to be different ones :slight_smile:

  1. Fujifilm DVD-R 4x, no origin info, FUJIFILM02, hub code 4087D0323-02175B21, stamper code FR01-4602-4064. The disc seems to have degraded already, the poly-carbonate is “foggy/dotted”, and some discolouration is visible, reflective layer corrosion?

  1. Fujifilm DVD-R 8x, no origin info, FUJIFILM03, hub code J5-12F6C509020582D18, stamper code DR5F6C-00180.

  2. Fujifilm DVD+R 8x, no origin info, RITEK-R03-02, hub code C4-04CH3503265965A07, stamper code VR5CH3-00013.

Are all of them produced by Fujifilm in Germany? I ask, since both 8x discs have same hub and stamper formats.
I assume that none of the discs is trustworthy for archival purposes?

The first disc was made by Prodisc, the other two by Ritek.

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A tarnished appearance like that can be caused by contamination on the disc surface.

Many years ago I bought a 50 pack of Verbatim printable CD-R which looked terrible, like a tarnished antique mirror. But after the surface was carefully cleaned they looked & wrote fine, and the scans were superb.

None of those discs would be my preferred choice for storing valuable data anyway. (Although I haven’t actually used them myself.)

I tried to clean the disc in some area, but the surface seems to be perfectly clean, no contamination visible, no difference after cleaning compared to original state.

I will try to burn something and I will post the results.

Mediarange BD-R DL 50GB 6x, VERBATIMf, made in Taiwan.

Mediarange BD-R 25GB 4x, PHILIP-R04, made in China.

Thanks @Vogelschreck for tips and scans!

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