What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise

One more thing, these discs are Made in China, for Japanese Market.

OK, the 208 is a 24x CD-R-drive

Didn´t know Verbatim use a chinese manufacturer for CD-R, but don´t use CD-R often since I have DVD

The United States and Europe have some Verbatim Azo CD-R Made in China in the market but these are 52x.

The last Verbatim CD-R 52x I get was MBI-made with MBI-ATIP.

LITE-ON iHBS112-04, reworked from 37 2, but HW rev 01, so no need to toggle speed to scan in ODC.

The new serial number is different by 7 digits from the original one, that can be see on the original sticker underneath, so there is a mismatch between sticker and software that has the original one.

I saved the drive from being scrapped, I collected it together with a giant Chieftec chassis (6 5.25" drive bays).
Considering the burn count, the drive is in mint condition:

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Fujifilm DVD-R 1-16x Labelflash, 5 pcs for ~€6.


My first and probably last Labelflash media :slight_smile:

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Lindsey Buckingham, Solo Anthology, 3CD edition.
discs pressed by optimal media GmbH.


I recently read that his voice is returning somewhat, after vocal cord trauma during cardiac surgery some months ago.

Seems so, he shall be performing at Beale Street Music Festival in May.

A Logitech MK240 Nano Black/Yellow keyboard, a tp link wireless ac600 adapter and a Gigabyte 240GB SSD.

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Today a bigger delivery of ancient media :slight_smile:

Imation HD DVD-R 1x, Made in U.S.A., my Toshiba HD DVD-ROM can’t read the MID,
hub codes: 7256-5797-2677 + 7260-5798-1215, stamper code HD DVD 2734

Sony BD-R 2x, Made in Japan, SONY-NO1-002,
hub code 12BC172SJ, stamper code 04-5027

Traxdata BD-R 2x, Made in Taiwan, RITEK-BR1-000,
hub code L8800054BD012X080816190, stamper code RITEK BD02-00-00-011

Imation BD-RE 2x, Made in U.S.A., IMATN-E_2-001,
hub code 7116-5629-0486, stamper code 002871 MADE IN USA BY IMATION

Imation BD-R 2x, Made in Netherlands, PHILIP-R02-000,
hub code BDR 070821 15:25 14, stamper code H17841

The Traxdata should be good to see if blank media degrades as quickly as burned one, IIRC most of Ritek BD-R 2x media became unreadable after some time?

Is Sony MIJ a stable media for archiving?


Some defect DVD-burner bought for 2€, I hoped to get the case and reuse it for my other slim drives, but it turned out to host a Matshita UJ-850S which means ATAPI instead of SATA interface, I don’t have too much use for it as I had bought one in the past for my Toshiba HD DVD-ROM :smiley:
The only “positive” aspect is the drive is not yet dead, so more junk at home :wink:

Last week this is what I got, pioneer 212dbk, owc enclosure & verbatim sl
20200115_132821 20200115_133226 !
The enclosure does not fit the 212, instead house my old liteon. The bdr currently on 7th burn I think, still a lot to backup.

What makes the Pioneer incompatible with the enclosure?

the enclosure length space is short

the bezel is protruding from the enclosure

comparing the length of pioneer-212 (180mm) vs liteon ihbs-112 (170mm)

the side screw hole does not line-up

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This is not a cheap enclosure, it seems that most re-sellers are offering it only with a drive (DVD or Blu-Ray), so probably it’s designed for current LG units :frowning:

Pioneers original design since xx years is the only design which is larger than the whole competitors.

LiteOn, Samsung have also 170mm, Pioneer DVD-drives made by QSI 171,2mm

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Good to know if I ever happen to buy one of Pioneer half-height drives.

got taken? He could have a bought a lot of fake ones from Wish.com just paying the shipping.
My advice just go to your local OfficeMax? They always have good deals on flash drives 2.0 and 3.0:slightly_smiling_face:

This week got this Panasonic 50GB 2x - LM-BRS50P30

Panasonic 25GB 4x LM-BR25LP10 [Repack]