What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise


I just bought UHD Bluray Burner: Pioneer PIO-BDR-211UBK MAIN-16374. I wish that I had not bought it, because I read that I can only play 4k Blurays with Intel graphics.


Dependend on the bundled software?

I bought some old Ps1,Ps2 ,N64 old games from ebay:smiley:

Bought a 250GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive/Pen Drive/etc name from eBay for AUD$9.31. I have lots of time on my hands and was 110% sure is was not a USB 3.0 and boy was I correct. Did some tests and it was slower than a USB 1.1 device. Got a full refund but the clown is still selling them USB 3.0 devices and they even have the blue in the USB 3.0 port so it is a deliberate attempt at fraud IMO. Wondering now what eBay will do once it is reported. Got a second one on the way from a different vendor but their 250GB stick was just over AUD$6. Who in their right mind would believe you could purchase a 250GB USB 3.0 device at that price. What was more surprising is these eBay sellers have mid 6 figure sales figures.

I have USB-drives which have a USB3.0-controller but the flash is only fast enough for 2.0. But it works and is reliable, so I can deal with it

On Ebay there are some sellers which sell big capacities for a very low price, but if you take a close look you read things like 1Tb. So it´s not 1 Terybyte, it´s 1 Terabit = 128GB

DataTrack CD-R 99min 900MB
ATIP: 97m27s19f (Plasmon)

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Most of the unusually cheap flash drives on eBay also have a fake capacity, usually no more than 8GB of real storage capacity. The firmware is modified to make it look like the advertised capacity. This means that if you try writing more than the real capacity to the USB stick, it will start writing on top of other files, discreetly corrupting them until you try accessing them later on.

To try this out, write at least 10GB of video files to the USB stick. Unplug the stick, plug it back in and then try playing back the first video file that was copied to it in various spots.

I have also seen a similar tactic with a fake Vivo X21 mobile phone someone asked me to look at. In its settings it showed it has 128GB of capacity and similar when I plugged it in my PC. However, when I tried adding a 1GB file to it, its free space dropped by 8GB and similar vice versa. Its RAM was also faked to show 6GB, again using the same tactic where running apps appeared to be 6 times larger than they really were. However, for anyone having a quick glance at the phone (e.g. at a market stall), it appeared like the real thing, although in this cause this person bought it off of a flash sale on Wish thinking he got a great bargain.

This is a nice tool to check the real capacity of flash drives (or just for error testing).

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Yep, use it since the first fake 8GB-USB-drives enter the market. Never had fakes, but defect drives with write-errors

Philips DVD+R 1-2.4x made in Taiwan, RICOHJPN-R00-01, who is the manufacturer?

Fujifilm DVD+R 8x made in Japan, YUDEN000-T02-00

I guess the Philips is made by Ritek for Ricoh. Rare media

RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-AC704-6G USB 3.0 SATA III Adapter for 2.5", 3.5" and 5.25" devices.IB-AC704-6G

Intenso DVD-R
Manufactured: 07/2003

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MMORE coloured CD-R 80Min 700MB 32x
ATIP: 97m28s26f (Multi Media Masters & Machinary)

Moser Baer India?

Could it be MBI?
With 4M stampers?

Stamper Code is:
CD-R 80 MIN PRPS2160 / 11002
SCR30901 F06

Exactly. These are one of the last ones made with 4M stampers and ATIP (early 2002). Just a few months later they switched to their own ATIP.
4M was the first machinery and process know-how supplier for Moser Baer (1998/1999).

Cool, very interesting :+1:

There are discs with MBI stampers and MBI ATIP in the same box, too! (a blue disc with the same date code as the orange disc) :grinning:

Koss Porta Pro Wireless headphones.