What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



With a large LP record collection in the loft and the help of a gift voucher I received for Christmas, I decided to buy a record player. :notes: :slight_smile:


Audio Technica LP120 - I basically wanted something with direct drive and a diamond stylus as my parents talked about having to regularly change the belts and needle on their Hi-Fi system. This turned out to be a lot heavier than I thought, like a concrete block, so will need a sturdy shelf. It also required some assembly and adjustments, which I had to follow the manual to figure out. The “Quick start guide” even missed a step. Very different to a CD player is ready to play out of the box.

Anyway, one thing that somewhat surprised me - Records sound surprisingly good with a lot of punch to the music that’s missing on the digital (CD/stream) version, such as drums clearly standing out. No wonder vinyl record fans say the records sound better - The music does not have the dynamics compressed. Coincidentally, YouTube showed the following video as a recommended video, which explains why records sound better including a waveform comparison between the CD and record mastering of a song.


“The ZX Spectrum ULA: How to design a microcomputer” book.


Red Dwarf - Complete Series 1-8 blu-ray boxset.


Some more Lifetec 1x speed DVD-Rs


Hehe, still have some of these media.

With some writers it shows very good quality, but no one here think it´s readable after some years.

I don´t know, burned my first Princo in 2017


DataTrack DVD+R
MID: 001

Philips DVD+R 16x

Medianca CD-R 870MB 99Min
ATIP: 96m43s37f - Primedisc

Prodye CD-R 870MB 100min, Powered by MaxDisc
ATIP: 97m27s19f - Plasmon

Primeon CD-R 870MB 99Min
ATIP: 97m24s26f - Computer Support Italy

Fujifilm CD-R 700MB 80Min
ATIP: 97m26s45f - Fuji


Have fun with it :slight_smile:

I´m curoius about the Datatrack, the MID is maybe unknown by lots of writers, even older drives


Yeah, this is a strange MID…


Where did you find them? Ebay?

This is one of the infamous “generic” MID codes supplied by Plasmon to countless smaller manufacturers in Europe and Asia.


“Ebay Kleinanzeigen”
Some kind of local Ebay here without buyer protection and ratings. And without selling fees.

The seller still has more, but raised the price a bit from 6€ to 8€.


GIGA CD-R 80Min 700MB

ATIP: 97m30s11f - CDA Datenträger Albrechts




Retail Pioneer DVR-S21WBK.Pioneer_DVR-S21WBK


Corsair HS50, o got those for two main reason, one and very important was the look, they look great and you can wear them outside, and secondly the mic is detachable.
I forgot the third reason, they dont have any RGB LED’s :slight_smile:



I tried this CD storage box by Neo and it has made all the difference. I haven’t lost a CD ever since I got it.


MAXdisc DVD+R 4x

MID: POMSC001 002
Hub Code: L1 +R2 2904 11:37 22090 03260102 (113R)-10
Made in Austria by 3A Media?


Right. Should be of decent quality. Quality wise, 3A Media was the best European manufacturer.


Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs but labeled JVC professional spindle 100 pack in Australia


Two Verbatim #43838 50 packs.


“Algebra: Polynomials, Galois Theory, and Applications” by Ferderic Butin.

I came across this book by chance initially. It turns out it goes into some details about the algebraic theory underlying Reed-Solomon error correction which is used on cds, dvds, blurays, etc …

About a year ago I looked into Reed-Solomon error correction, when I looked into analyzing the cache data from mediatek chipset dvdr drives.