What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



With a large LP record collection in the loft and the help of a gift voucher I received for Christmas, I decided to buy a record player. :notes: :slight_smile:


Audio Technica LP120 - I basically wanted something with direct drive and a diamond stylus as my parents talked about having to regularly change the belts and needle on their Hi-Fi system. This turned out to be a lot heavier than I thought, like a concrete block, so will need a sturdy shelf. It also required some assembly and adjustments, which I had to follow the manual to figure out. The “Quick start guide” even missed a step. Very different to a CD player is ready to play out of the box.

Anyway, one thing that somewhat surprised me - Records sound surprisingly good with a lot of punch to the music that’s missing on the digital (CD/stream) version, such as drums clearly standing out. No wonder vinyl record fans say the records sound better - The music does not have the dynamics compressed. Coincidentally, YouTube showed the following video as a recommended video, which explains why records sound better including a waveform comparison between the CD and record mastering of a song.