What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



I bought a 2pk of Amazon fire media streamers 4k with voice remote from Hsn.
Mostly to hook them to relatives Hdtv’s when I am bored for easy acess to youtube and other
movie apps. Pretty cool overall.:slightly_smiling_face:


11 pcs of TDK DVD-R 4x (TTG01)


Made in Japan or Taiwan?

I have some TY-made discs (TYG01) in exactly the same packaging!


Unfortunately country of origin is not mentioned on the packaging :frowning:
Probably someone can tell checking the code on the disc?


Just bought a dedicated mediaplayer to hook up to my TV…I was getting tired of the poor format support from my PS3,PS4 and the native WebOS 2.2 app from my (not so ) Smart TV…:wink:
A Vero 4K +, info here :slight_smile:



5 pcs of Verbatim BD-R DL 6x, made in Singapore - 6€
10 pcs of Verbatim BD-R LTH Printable 6x, made in Taiwan (was supposed to be HTL…) - 6€
Samsung SE-506BB BD-RE XL, second copy of that model in collection, this time black colour :slight_smile: - 10€. The new unit produced in March 2013 is shipped with single USB wire, while the one from January 2013 had a Y-cable.





Bundle’o’junk, including:
Powermac G5 - good grief, this is heavy metal!
LGA 1155 motherboard (working after minor pin surgery)
2x AGP graphics (got some other stuff that will make a good retro build) Ti4200 & 9800Pro, so I can go DX8 green or DX9 red
Pile of assorted hard disks
Pile of IDE DVDRs
Several 80mm LED fans

The G5 had its drive removed, so one of the pile will have to go in, and then I have the problem of making a Mac bootable USB or bodging a DVDR to it (got a spare SATA, a DVD8881 that I got by mistake as I thought it could do the Philips/benq scan tricks)


2x Memorex CD-R 80 700MB Black (MID: 97m26s66f (CMC Magnetics Corp.), manufacturing date Nov 2003)


Nice design, but will you need a white marker to write visible letters on it?


I guess that writing on the disc will be smaller issue than finding anything reasonable to record onto it :wink:


Liteon IHAS224, sniped on ebay, by god, the even number (Lightscribe) models are as rare as hens teeth, while the 124 and 324 can be found new bare or retail boxed

Seems to be a -19 B, and I gather the evens will crossflash up to the 624 (if that isn’t a lost art due to linkrot)


Another 5-pk Maxell BD-R 2x MIJ found on an auction. Price with shipping ~8 EUR. Box looks identically like in previous batch so I assume that it’s the same VERBAT-IMa-000 media.


5 pcs of Maxell DVD+R DL 2.4x MIT, RITEK-D01-01

Not a best media, but for 0,30€ I get at least 5 jewel boxes for my photo-archive discs :smiley:


Hope you have a compatible drive for it :wink:


Shouldn’t be too bad burning actual D01 right?


No idea :slight_smile: Last time I strived to burn TDK branded MBIPG101-R10 and it took 8 disc/drive combinations to produce 2 readable copies :slight_smile:, here I will only have 5 attempts :wink:


An older writer is maybe better for that; but I would insert it first to a newer writer and take a look about the speed it will offer. If 2,4x is available the writer should be have a good writing strategy for this media.

I don´t have TDK-branded MBI DL, but I have Xlayer, Platinum, Kaufland Classic, Mediarange and Memorex. Never burned an unreadable media of it. The PIF max is OK, the total PIF could be lower, but at least this media works good.


Maybe my discs have been stored badly, I bought them on a final sale in a supermarket. My experience is as follows:
Optiarc AD-5170A - burn fail after switching to next layer
TSST TS-LB23D - burned with lower than selected 3.3x speed at L0, L3 at nominal speed, good scan at LiteON drive, good scan by Benq 1650 except for a spike at layer break, disc not readable on PC or PS3
LG BH16NS55@WH16NS58 - struggling to burn the disc @4x at both layers, speed fluctuating between 2x-4x, worse scan at PLDS drive, Benq shows spike at layer break, but disc readable,
PLDS DH-16ABS - failing to burn at all,
TSST SE506BB - failing to burn at all,
TSST SB-S182D - speed dropping in some areas to 2x, but good scan and disc readability
If I find time I will post scans for future reference.


Overall I don´t trust the most of your writers, but the LG should handle it.

I have good experience with newer Samsung Half Height drives, actual LG Gh24-series, Pioneers BD-writers and LiteOn x24 F

Samsungs slimdrives are not my favorite, my SN-S083 did manage to stop burning at layerbreak of Ume DLs, all my other drives handle it without probs.


Out goes the ODD, and in goes an 1TB Toshiba HDD