What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



Another BD-RE burner in the family :wink: This time Optiarc BD-5750L bought on an auction. It’s hardly possible to find any information about this drive (it seems that BD-5750H was more popular, no clue about the differences), some test burns will follow.


Rare drives atm, even I don´t have an Optiarc BD-drive


Today’s delivery from USA :slight_smile:
Verbatim BD-R 4x MIT (VERBAT-IMc-000) on sale for 1,99$ for 3 pcs,
Verbatim BD-R 6x MIT (VERBAT-IMe-000),
Fujifilm BD-R 2x MIJ (MEI-T01-001) (ebay)
Kodak BD-R 6x (UMEBDR-016-000) (not easy to get in EU)
Sony BD-R 6x MIT (RITEK-BR3-000) (extremely pricey in EU).


RITEKBR3 and UMEBDR-016 are bähhh, but the others are nice media


Haven’t managed to test all of them, but Sony Ritek-BR3 media seems to be a disaster. Discs produced in early 2017 show visual defects and so far 2 discs out of 2 failed burn @2x speed! Shame that the company defining the Blu-ray standard does not care about quality at all…


My 1st Smartbuy BR3 have also visible defects :\
The last MBIR06-cakebox-disks from Mediarange also
My Kodak from Ume have cloudy dye

Hard to get good BD-media to a good price. CMC MAG BA5 still my favorite in this section


Today’s delivery.

Fujifilm BD-RE 2x MIJ (MEI-T01-001)
Traxdata DVD+R 8x MIT (RITEK-R03-02)
Philips BD-R 4x MIT (INFOME-R30-000)


R03 could be good media



~130 Verbatim DVD-R 16x, MCC 03RG20 (~30 pcs of the older version, there was one burned discs and it shows good quality, 100 pcs still unsealed). Price for all ~5 EUR :wink:


Good price :slight_smile:


LG 49UJ630V mahoussive tv for my man pit, with wall mount. Shiny.


I finally installed a tempered glass on my huawei p9 lite, 8 euro well spend.


6 pcs of TDK CD-R 90 min/800 MB found on flea market.
97m15s05f (TDK Corp.)


TDK DVD+R 8x, CMC MAG-E01-00, ~2€ for 25 pcs.



HP C8000A 16X CD-R80, Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden
ATIP = 97m24s01f


Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series and Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery blu-rays.


Fujifilm CD-R 700MB 48x

Ritek ATIP


Whoa. That photo stuck a nerve here as my basement TV is also sitting on a very narrow cart.

Being an older set, it sits on a pedestal mount so the size of the shelf underneath is not of consequence.

I am looking to upgrade, and with newer TV’s invariable coming with widely-spaced feet instead, the platform is probably 12 inches too narrow.

Which brings me to your photo. how exactly is that TV being supported. I see the columns that the shelves are mounted on, but can’t tell exactly what is supporting the TV upon such a small top shelf. Is it attached to the bars using the VESA bracket?


I sandwiched the two end bars with a couple of lengths of 45mm square wooden beams using coach bolts, then screw-bolted the tv wall mount to the beams. The wall mount is an Invision ultra slim tilt swivel mount; highly recommended, I’ve fitted two of them recently and unlike some wall mounts I feel confident that they would probably take my weight, let alone the tv.