What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



(Not quite cd/dvd/bluray, but definitely related at a very low level).

“Introduction to Abstract Algebra” 2nd ed by W. Keith Nicholson.

I was mainly interested in the chapters on error-correction codes from this textbook and the mathematical theory underlying it. This book appears to be for an introductory university level course on algebraic structures (ie. groups, rings, fields, etc …).

If you’ve been following some of the threads I’ve been posting on here, I’ve been examining error correction codes on dvds.


DIGISTOR BD-R Blu-ray Disc 6x 25GB, White Inkjet Printable Surface (25 Pack), 12,99€

DIG-11226-25, Made in Japan, MID: MEI-RA1-001


Good buy :slight_smile:

@ Two_Degrees

Nice, except the Ritek(BR3?). Bought from Japan or Made?


Imported from Japan, was hoping it would be SONY NN3 since it’s the older packaging from 2011.


Huh, bought my only NN3 in 2013 in 10pcs-cakeboxes, but dunno how old the packages are


I got a 50-disc spindle of inkjet hub printable NN3 some years back. The SKU still exists (50BNR25AP6) but the product is now CMCMAG BA5.


Much better than RITEKBR3

But if the price is still a Sony-price, to expensive for BA5


Picked up a recertified WD 2TB for €45 directly from Western Digital, which arrived in a large well-padded shoebox size box. I mainly plan using it for carrying bulky files, so am not overly concerned about its reliability being recertified. For anyone that hasn’t seen a modern 2.5" USB HDD or only used DIY 2.5" HDD enclosure kits, these are quite compact. This makes my 5.5" phone look huge.

WD Elements 2TB vs phone

From what I recall reading, recertified drives are quite often barely used drives that were returned as open boxed goods. In the case of USB powered HDDs, often it’s people unaware that many front PC and some laptop USB ports don’t provide enough power to spin up the drive, resulting in the user RMA’ing the drive as defective / DOA.

Indeed CrystalDiskInfo shows a “Power on Hours” count of zero and just 3 power-up cycles, assuming WD didn’t reset these. :slight_smile:

CrystalDiskInfo figures are typical for this type of drive, although interesting to see identical sequential read and write speeds.

WD Elements 2TB CDM


More media from Japan.

Maxell 16x DVD-R MIT and 16x DVD+R MIJ.

Mitsubishi 8x DVD-R printable branded for a Japanese retailer

Something something special :sunglasses:


I am about to get a HeadacheLife GH24____ (whatever NSC0 NSD1 NS95 or whatever stands for).


Are those discs still available somewhere? Recently I got the answer from DIGISTOR that all optical media has been discontinued and won’t be available from them. I’d love to stock-up a bit…


I love the Japanese optical media market. Quite pricey at times though. I’ve scored plenty of my rarer CD-Rs from there!


Unfortunately this was just a single spindle of a german ebay dealer :frowning:


Today shopping groceries I happened to see definitive cleaning of optical media stocks - last pieces of very dusty 10-pk cakes of TDK media was sold for ~2€ independently of media type. I bought 2 cakes each of DVD-R MIT (Ritek F1), DVD+R MIT (Ritek F16) and DVD+R DL MII (MBIPG101-R10-065). Only the last ones seem to be a kind of bargain, but I’m curious how other ~2010 discs will perform.


And another legacy media bought:
4 * 5-pk Maxell BD-R 2x MIJ (VERBAT-IMa-000)
5 * 5-pk Maxell HD DVD-R 1x MIJ (no drive to get more info)


MIJ Maxell with Verbatim-Code? Should be very rare.

Dependend on country the Ritek could be also rare, but DL (and SL) from MBI is to find everywhere in Germany


I bought these BD-R discs from two different sellers, both batches are with VERBATIMa codes (haven’t opened each of them, but externally all the boxes are identical, so I assume that they are all same). Actually I was hoping for own Maxell codes (have seem them listed in FW dump of early LG drives), but at least burn quality is decent :slight_smile:


Hope so :slight_smile:

The 4x Maxell I had were most awful RITEKBR2, not to compare with Verbatim. RITEKBR2 can have awesome burn results, but awful longevity. Maxell BR2 were awful in both.

Latest Maxell 16x DVD-/+R are awful MBI

Maxell have decided to buy the most awful media which is available.

So I stay away from any newer Maxell-media


My batches of Maxell BR2 burn better than Panasonic MEIRA1 on my iHBS112 clone (PX-LB950SA), initial scans can be seen here:

Having in mind their terrible reputation in terms of longevity I use them only as redundant medium for data that I stored already somewhere else. Since I’m fairly fresh to BD-R, my oldest Maxell BR2 is only 11 months old, but so far no single signs of longevity issues (I store discs in cakes, so it’s not always easy to ensure 100% dust free surface for repeated scan, but I will post it soon). Maybe Ritek took the lesson?

I recently bought some new Maxell DVD+R available in a big retail chain. I noticed that there are 2 colours of cake bottom - black was MII, while grey is MIT, Ritek F16, packaging looks exactly like this:
and burn quality is great.

I assume that every company doesn’t want to be dependent on one supplier (i.e. Ritek only) and they seek alternative ones, just consider never ending discussions about origin of Verbatim branded media. Just make sure you get a good batch :slight_smile:


My Maxell:

Platinum (known for cheap C-grade-media)

All newer batches of Maxell I get in Germany last years were Ritek-BD-R and MBI DVD. Vice versa would be better

Riteks actual DVDs have much lower PIF than any Verbatim (no matter from CMC or MBI), only F1 have a bit high PIE which should be no problem.

MBIR06 doesn´t look so good directly after burning but after 3 years which made my RITEKBR2/3 almost or completely unreadable the MBI is in good shape

An other prob with many media is old pictures of the package. If you see a gray cakebox in the shop you get often the black cakebox :\