What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



Maybe a 128Gb instead of 128GB

h2testw from heise.de can be used to test flash memory. It writes the whole space and read it back


What is the difference?

There is also F3. OpenSource and cross-platform.


b = Bit
B= Byte

A collegue tells me some month ago also at ebay there a 1Tb-USB-Flashdrives for 35€. I tell him this can´t be, the photo shows a ery compact stick (to small for 1Terabyte) and to cheap. He won´t believe it and want to convince me that it´s so cheap because it´s from a chinese shop, then I saw the description with the b instead of B, and yeah, the price is common for a 120GB-Flashdrive

After this contetion he don´t bought it

h2testw is freeware and very easy to use


Old school Verbatim goodness.


All this junk, and some more that deos not appear on the photo.


25 Pack of Sony CD-R 700MB 48x with 97m24s16f Sony ATIP Made In Mexico

50 Pack of HQ4U BD-R 25GB 6x with PRODISCR1 MID


Just got these discs for a super price


I will get MediaRange BDs too.


Where are the Sony made?


Made In Taiwan

I just thought that before because of the grey cake = Ritek


The Dual layer are CMCMAGDI6 from 2012


NIce buy :slight_smile:

My NN3 MiT were very good media, to bad Sony are now RITEKBR3 :frowning:


Pioneer DVD-R 4x
MID: PVCR001002

Pioneer DVD-RW 2x
MID: PVCW00V00245

Intenso DVD-R 4x

Lifetec DVD-R 1x

Memorex DVD-R 1x

MID: EuroDig-Disc


Have fun with it :wink:

PRINCO works good in Benq 1640. Maybe also the best for other 1x-media from this bunch, even the 1640 min. speed for R-media is 2,4x


OK will try it soon


Planet Earth, Life & Frozen Planet blu-rays.



Hub Code: 8341 443 -R E E 000026024
Stamper Code: DVD-R 5A19B2

Panasonic DVD-R with Falcon Media MID and made by MBI?


TTH02 is TDK’s MID code. FTI and MBIL use/used TDK’s stampers, dye and process know-how.
Those Panasonics should be decent - I have had many of them in 2008/2009.




I just picked up a brass quick release joint on ebay for £4 and made myself a mini butt extension for my snooker cue out of one of our old teak window sills.



Some blank media (the Sony BD-R 6x is from Japan but turned out to be Ritek).

Pioneer BDR-S11J-BK