What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



Just bought a 2nd hand Pioneer BDP 170…for the obvious reason…:bigsmile:


Sorry, not obvious to me.

BDP170 is excellent, but what is that obvious reason?


Control 2 players with one remote control :wink:

Or if the first fail he would have a second


Ripping SACD to harddisk…:bigsmile:


Never had SACD :wink:

Your 1st 170 can´t do that or is used in another way, I guess :grin:


Actually,it was a 2nd hand unit I bought…:givewink:
But you’re right,I have 2 of those…:bigsmile:
Why?Because Pioneer quickly closed the loophole by releasing the BDP-180 with a different chipset,so you can’t find a new BDP-170 anymore.
You still can use a ‘fat’ PS3 for the same purpose,though,but no firmware higher than 3.55 …



I thought that i ordered 100 spindle of JVC/Taiyo Yuden DVD-R TYG03. When i opened the packaed it was actually CMC powered by TY, so i sent it back.



But the photo in the shop showed old Japan made?


I picked up a Sony uhd player about March last year right after I got my first 4k HDR set seeing how I needed a 4k HDR player, and it supports all hd sound formats as well so a no brainer for 300 bucks as a new released unit at the time. I had a Pioneer 563 multiformat, then a Denon with the same support as I like hd audio even if finding any flavor of the disks is about gone now. They sound so good, especially when it’s a full hd audio recording rather then a old analog tape version put on hd audio format. I wonder if it can rip sacd somehow, doubt it being Sony but they refused to support DVDAudio until recently seeing how it was not their format. Haven’t even tried any of the hd audio disks I do have yet and I have both formats on hand. Maybe I need to find one of those Pioneers just because…


@Tester_1 Yes, the description from amazon said JVC on the package.


Three CD’s and one USB Flash drive.


At cdr24.de the CMC-made TY also described as JVC


Don’t really care about Mussorgsky,but I do like Fates Warning a lot…:iagree:

Just bought an ASUS BC-12D2HT Bulk Intern Blu-Ray DVD Combo…I already have 2 LG BH16NS55 drives,but I wanted a 3th UHD friendly drive to be ahead of the AACS-LA…:bigsmile:Asus BC-12D2HT


Narcos and Blade Runner 2049 blu-rays.


^I still haven’t watched blade runner 2049 but Narcos was excellent.

I got some cheap panasonic in-ear headphones, and a 64GB micro sd card.



My Verbatim BD-R DL 50 cakebox just arrived today. It is MEIT02!



China is so colourful somehow


It´s Japan :wink:

Nice buy, NBK :slight_smile:


Technically not bought, but I’m trying to start a local tech support business and picked up a free domain name from names.co.uk and parked it at 000webhost for free hosting. The price is right…


MicroSD 128GB CQ.
Preformat: 124GB FAT32 with [editpost] cluster size.

Possibly a fake one with predated storage capacity at €8 price. That will be fun!