What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



If remember correctly, the big problem of the old IBM-series was the temperatures. If it was cooled if don´t dies so fast.

In the old times I decided to buy a 5400rpm-IBM because the 7200rpm-Deathstar-series where hart to get ( and costs much more), and the slow IBM works for long years :slight_smile:

The old Maxtor were also reliable, but then Seagate bought them and rebadged Seagate-series like the 7200.7 as Maxtor :frowning:


10 DVD-RW×6 (Maxell)
100 CD-R CQ.
100 DVD-R CQ.
20 CD-RW×10 CQ (earlier).

The CD-RW CQ were from SK, and their quality was actually pretty good.


What brands and MIDs?


I will take a look, as soon as I get it.
Probably mixed brands with funny printing errors, so the eBay article says.

I will test the water resistance of a CD-R CQ at swimming pool. The €1 USB stick (128MB) miserably failed that test, but worked after 20 days.


  • CD-R from RealQuality (SK?).
  • DVD-R from MBi 01RG40.

I also have some MBI DVD-R, which are ISY from 2016. They are probably real.


USB-Sticks simply not made for water, expect some special, expensive series

Like Corsair Flash Survivor and Flash Survivor Stealth


My cheap SD card actually survived.
But probably, that was a good luck. I have not tried the readability on it yet.


Maybe SD cards are more proof than USB sticks


Just picked up a LG WHNS40 burner with 1.02 on it from New Egg eBay. Seems to work OK so far, haven’t tried any UHD disks in it yet but probably need something in here that can read them as far as software. My last two SATA ports on the motherboard kept dropping one of my drives so I put it and my OLD H20L on my SATA expansion card with 6 more ports and everything seems happy now.
They are 60 bucks right now basically through New Egg and now that there is a firmware downgrade option I guess it doesn’t matter what firmware you get.


Floppy Disks! :heart_eyes:


I bought 100 cake box of JVC DVD+R 16x YUDEN000 T03.


Nice :slight_smile:
What is the price?



I paid $39.99 for the 100 cake box of JVC DVD+R 16x! I may buy one 100 blank cake box of JVC DVD-R soon.



Good price for this. The cheapest I found for my country were about 50€


Aren’t they TYG06 or TYG09?


Never heard of TYG09. TYG06 was maybe planned but I guess it never was released, like so many other codes which were in diverse FWs



The JVC DVD-Rs are TYG03 and the JVC DVD+Rs are YUDEN000 T03.


What is Tiger02 then?


What´s that? TYG02-Code?

That are 8x -R from Taiyo Yuden or Fakes


My TYG02 from Iran is probably fake.
No good quality.


Do they have any serial and stamper numbers?