What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



I have only seen those SMART values with an external HDD that failed soon after. I think you better exchange it and maybe consider a Toshiba DT01ACA300 instead.


I bought ten ED 2.88MB Floppy Disks and two ED 2.88MB drives :heart:.
For experimental purposes.


Well, actual I have over 30 HDDs, also some Toshibas and know this problem. You can´t predict what happen next,I have some which are recovery one/a few sectors and worked in the next years without problems and some increase the numbers of reallocated fast and left defect files.

In case of a new HDD I would try to return to the shop and get another one.

BTW, Toshiba 2,5" are awful in my experience, I had several from diverse laptops and many of them start soon with reallocated sectors. Not to compare with the reliability of HGST and WD

Toshiba 3,5" are better, but still I would prefer WD


Just a quick update, the drive died this morning :slight_smile: it went from 3-4 bad sectors to seven, and after that it started making the horrifying click sound.
I also learned that each P300 HDD that they sold had issues and it was returned withing a few days.
Now I order a 3TB 5400rpm WD blue drive, and waiting for the drive to arrive.


I have used a 2.5" Toshiba external HDD for a few years with no problems and it has survived a few drops too. I have no recent experience with WD, but I learned to avoid Seagate as several BarraCudas that I had, failed shortly after their warranty expired.


I have/had in the past years several Toshibas 250GB, 500GB, 640GB and 1TB. The 250GB and 320GB (both older series) works good, but especially the 500GB start with recovering sectors after less than 300 hours. The 640GB had less than 1000 hours and have now about some thousand reallocated sectors.

More bad experience I had only with 3,5" Seagate.


Click sound? Reminds me of Seagate-HDDs

Maybe the newer and more worse Toshiba is own design. The first Toshiba 3,5" I´ve looked like rebadged Hitachi (I guess you know Hitachis 3,5" was sold to Toshiba from WD, 2,5" is still owned by WD)

The new WD Blue = old Green series, dunno why WD changed the name.

In the past I was careful with green HDDs because some manufacturers had an aggressive power management and this wasn´t good for all user-scenarios

I used them only for backups and turn them only on if I read/write on them, idle time was very low.

I think WD learned now a bit and newer drives weren´t that aggressive. But for 24/7 I would still prefer purple or red series.

However, WD was in the past years the most reliable HDDs I had. Still using on my work software Test-PCs some Seagate because the manufacturer of these PCs only have Seagate. But all defect drives without warranty I replaced with WD, all additional drives I ordered are also WD. No reallocated or defect drives in the last 4 years, not to compare with Seagate


The Toshiba 3.5" HDDs I have are actually Hitachi I believe.


The new hard drive will only have a large part of my music and video library, so the read/write speed is not that important, plus the OS will be installed on an SSD, Also it want be up 24/7, then again I have a 2.5" WD blue from 2011 that has almost four years of power on time, and it has zero reallocated sectors, keep in mind that the drive spent all of its life inside an compaq mini110 with zero airflow.
So in the end it comes down to luck :frowning: and I was unlucky this time.

I did not look into that, but if it was a Hitachi drive, then Hitachi gave Toshiba their very worse HDD’s :stuck_out_tongue: just joking.


I only meant because the aggressive power-management don´t like 24/7, that´s why I linked the article above :wink: . Many Green WD died in NAS because the of aggressive power-management

With my old green Series I also used wdidle to change the idle timer, otherwise 24/7 with often idle-state will destroy the HDD

In my job I make the service for an internally fileserver, which is 24/7 and the speed isn´t important because of 100MBit-network. I decide to use a WD Purple WD30PURX for it, in an external HDD-case I use a WD Blue WD30EZRZ for backup. This HDD will only turned on for weekly backup, so the idle timer will not be so important. However, I can´t actually say how big the difference in SMART C1 is, but the Purple have some thousand hours on time and have less than the Blue which had not 10% of power on hours.


You´re right in this case, but this HDD I have also and it was shortly after Toshiba bought Hitachis HDD part. This series was maybe the last Hitachi-developed, the P300-series is much newer and maybe a Toshiba-developed one.


Just a quick update, today i got some cd-r, 100 Audio 32x CD-R made in Taiwan from CMC, the brand mane was forever??? and they look like TY but they have the gold/yellow color, Grade A+ we will see about that.

I also got 50 xlayer CD-R 48x black, also the back is black and they are ritek.

All those were for a family member, not for me so tests results will be very late.

CMC Magnetics

I remmebr reading about this, but it want be on 24/7 so i hope that everything will be OK.


It´s depending on the accesses. If many accesses are requested > idle timer the HDD go in idle state and have to wake up at every request the C1-counter will increase fast and thisis not a good sign


I still can buy these (Hitachi-developed) hard disks, in fact I have an unopened 3TB that I should test soon.


I scored 2x100 JVC/Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs from Amazon. I was surprised that they were not in cakebox with a spindle, but they were packed well. Do not order from Newegg without a cakebox and spindle.


A second Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD gave today the same error messages, following another same HDD that gave the same errors a few months ago. CrystalDiskInfo occasional gives a Caution Health Status that goes away. I can hear the HDD clicking sometimes, but Seagate SeeTools find nothing wrong with it. I doubt that it will immediately fail completely, but I started moving all data to other media.


Clicking noises can be a very bad sign. I remember lots of Seagate-HDD-series said farewell with that noise.

It don´t have to happen in all cases, sometimes it try to re-calibrate if sectors can´t be read, but a backup will be recommended


A WD Purple


I am not buying a Seagate again, because all HDDs I have bought the last few years have failed shortly after their warranty expired. And I have older HDDs from Samsung that still work fine.


I even have old Maxtors and Seagate, 10years +, still working. But the last years Seagate decrease the quality so much, I don´t want to buy Seagate again. But the PC-manufacturer on my workplace use Seagate-HDDs, I´ve replaced some HDDs in the last years and one died after 2 weeks.

If the warranty is over I will mostly buy WD, maybe Hitachi-designed Toshiba. Much more reliable than Seagate.


I would have also backed up any data that I did not want to loose and wait for the drive to die.

I have drives from hitachi, WD, Seagate, Toshiba, IBM, Maxtor and Samsung all die, my favorite was some 4-10GB back in the very early 2000 and also the famous IBM Deathstar drives :wink: for those that remember how bad those drives were.

A very serious one that indacates that there is a, or will be, a serious problem.