What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



LG TV’s are great ! :flower:


But like other brands you will get what you pay for :wink:


So far I did not have any issues with my previous TV, hope that this will continue also with this TV.

I agree, most of the time you get what you pay, and very often cheap parts end up costing more.


Yeah, I think some ppl know it

But I know enough guys which are think a cheap Samsung is the same quality as an expensive one.


I also know a few people that are like that, but you can tel the difference between an affordable and an expensive TV, the difference on an OLED panel and the one that my TV has is day and night, especially when it comes to black, you have the impression that the TV is OFF on an OLED panel.
There is a reason why product A is cheaper than product B, the manufacturer will cut some corners to reduce the price.


Yep, but there some points more.

Especially if you look sports you can see the difference between cheap and expensive TVs at quick movements.

Or if you use some apps to stream internet-videos our cheaper Samsung hangs and stutters, more expensive Sony did better.

But some ppl think you pay only more for the features


A Kodak Ektra smartphone (I couldn’t resist a clearance price).


its the time of the years that I need to buy some… Lagavulin :slight_smile:


Another 1…solely for backup purpose,so my 2nd new drive since 2011…:imcool:


Just bought Game Of Thrones Season 7,bluray version…so,ATM,my collection is complete.:bigsmile:
And also bought Westworld S01 4K UHD…for experimenting with 4K UHD backup solutions…:givewink:


Bought the Game Of Thrones Season 7 Just regular DVD to go with the rest of my collection


If all goes well tomorrow I will be the owner of a 3TB Toshiba HDD :slight_smile: pictures tomorrow.


What the !@#$%^& on a new drive, I dont like this.


Back to sender :veryangry:

I also look at SMART with every new HDD and make a complete surface read test with HD Tune´s Error Scan

Most problems in the last years I had with Seagate, then Toshiba.

Maybe that´s the reason why I use mostly WD (3,5", 2,5") or HGST (2,5")


I am afraid that the hd tune read test will pass, anyway soon I will know. :frowning:


If the recovery was successful or the pending sectors were not defect the HDD will pass the test because all accessible sectors can be read

I had this problem also in the past and send the HDDs back to the shop.


I never had a problem with Toshiba and I have several HDDs (mostly 1TB and 2TB). One of them was reported as BAD when connected to a PCI-E SATA controller, but was fine when connected to the motherboard’s controller.


Well i connected this drive to an x99-a and also to an h110 motherboard and on both of them CDI displays that same caution.


Your HDD seems to be of the newer P series while all of mine are of the DT.


Yes its a p300 3TB