What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



This is so awesome


[QUOTE=alan1476;2788254]This is so awesome[/QUOTE]
Pretty blazing fast there, but we’re quickly hitting the limits of USB 3.0/3.1 Gen 1. I hope we see more Gen 2 drives soon.


A dozen muffins, 4xdouble chocolate, 4xmarble, 4xchocolate chip and 2 loaves of bread.


Re-issue of Saviour Machine - Legend part 1 & 2 on vinyl :wink: it is released but a Greek label called floga record and its only 250 copies :slight_smile:


Orico Docking Station

And Replacing a HDD with this WD Black


WD black is a great drive, the one that I have is a little on the noisy side, but I hope that all this should now be fixed. I am also looking for a new HDD but i need it to be at least 2TB if not 4TB :frowning:


That’s what I heard. So I got one and cloned it last night, very quiet so far.
Using as an OS Boot drive, only use the smaller drives for Boot and the TB drives for my Movie back-ups.


A bunch of stuff, so bear with me.

A bunch of NOS media from Japan, Prodisc-made MCC and MIJ Maxell 16x.

NOS BenQ EW164B!

Some Sony 6x BD-R printable spindles (was hoping for NN3, but they turned out to be CMC).


A 2TB barracuda Seagate HDD to replace the dying, or dead, samsung 2TB spinpoint F3 HDD.


Nice the see the Japanese media. I still remember ordering the Maxell 12x DVD-RAM many years back which cost a small fortune as the fastest DVD-RAM available with anyone else was 5x from what I recall.

With Amazon’s recent sale on the Seagate Backup Plus 8TB, I went for it as I’ve been waiting quite a long time for an 8TB HDD to fall below ~€250.

Nice to see UASP support. :slight_smile:

My original intention was to replace my four internal hard disks with a single 8TB drive to cut my PC’s power consumption as it draws about 2kWh per day morning to evening. Besides the above being considerably cheaper than an internal hard disk, I like that it has two front USB3 ports, which my ageing PC only has at the back. I double-checked with a USB3 stick and the ports seem to perform just as fast as with the USB stick plugged directly in a rear USB3 slot, ie. ~80MB/s for the stick I tried. It makes me wonder why the bare 8TB Cloud HDD costs a lot more, considering I would need to pay for a UASP HDD enclosure and a mains powered USB3 2-port hub to get the equivalent of what this offers.

With this being an external hard disk, I’ll likely drop to a single 2TB internal (WD RE4-GP) and place the three others in storage cases per periodic syncing with the respective content placed on the 8TB. I already have a USB3 HDD docking station. Most of my data is static, mostly photos and video content built up over the years, with much of the footage being of birds in our garden! :bird: :baby_chick:

I also bought a pack of 5 Orico 3.5" HDD storage cases (link), which I’ll move the internal hard disks into for safe keeping. Surprisingly, Amazon shipped these storage cases by priority signed delivery, despite purchasing with super saver free delivery.


An Audio technica ATN3600L the one that is installed in my turntable 10 years old, and it started to sound a little strange, so… I got a new one :slight_smile:


Lucky one, here you get actually awful RITEKBR3 with Sony-lable

CMC works much better for me


Assorted media-related stuff from Ebay and Yahoo! Japan Auctions.


M-Audio USB Super DAC / Headphones amplifier

With my new PC, it didn’t take long for me to miss one feature of my previous build, the sound output. The Gigabyte motherboard had pretty good sound quality from its rear speaker output (which I plugged my headphones into) and had a digital coaxial output that connected to my speaker DAC/mixer unit.

My new HP PC has a regular analogue speaker output on the back (no coaxial output) and a headphones socket on the front, so I figured I’ll just connect it to my speaker mixer unit with a 3.5mm to phono lead and see how I get on. After a few hours of use, I began to notice faint noises from the speakers and music didn’t seem as crisp as from my previous PC. With I plugged headphones in, the noises were clearly audible in the headphones, including during quieter sections of music. I realised I need a sound card. :doh:

From searching around, USB DACs seem to be what some people choose now instead of an internal sound card, plus it has the advantage of providing a headphones socket that’s not hidden behind the PC. Unfortunately, they are not cheap, but this seems to be the case even with decent PCIe sound cards. So from comparing various DACs, this M-Audio one handles the main features I’m after - Coaxial digital output and headphones output. The second larger headphones output shown above is for high impedance headphones, i.e.100-600Ω.

No more faint noises from the speakers and the headphones are dead silent when no audio is playing. The volume knob is also a very handy, no need to click the speaker icon to adjust the headphones volume. :sunglasses:


Mission LX-2 bookshelf speakers. Outstanding price/performance value.


Just bought an Onkyo TX-NR656 receiver…
My Denon PMA 860 amplifier (+/- 25 years old) is slowly dying,and I wanted a replacement that can handle old and new inputs,not only the latest hardware.

I think it’s bang for the buck is hard to beat…€349…:grin:



Well I have to admit that I prefer the stereo amplifiers and probably my first option would have been to try and fix the old Denon amp, but the onkyo looks great and thankfully it had a phono input :slight_smile: something that my 2007 pioneer 5.1 does not have,

Enjoy it @roadworker


Ordering the Onkyo was option 1,but it also buys me some time for option 2…trying to find some1 who can repair the Denon…because I still hope for it’s resurrection…:wink:
About the phono input : that was a requirement…I wanted a receiver with a balanced mix of support for old stuff and new stuff…:bigsmile:


I like this approach :thumbsup:


Well time to change the LG 23" TV for a new one, this its a 32" LG.