What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise

Are you more effective already?

I hope to be tomorrow. :cool:
wonders how fast this CPU can be clocked :o


Good thinking, Batman!

/me goes back to thinking what she can spend money on next

More media? :bigsmile:

stable @ >2,8(even more on liquid!) :bow: :bow: :bow:
my 4200+ went to 2,88 rocksteady,the ram failed… :sad: :sad:

Proc goes anywhere you like, your RAM wont though.

I wish I could find one cheap like that. I’m about to buy a regular 64 but that would be so much sweeter.

Just bought dead stock MIJ TDK (Made by TDK) CD-R off Yahoo Auction:
100pcs of 16x
20pcs of 12x
40pcs of 8x
And 60pcs of 8x dead stock MIJ FUJI (MSF in Plextools: Fuji Photo Film)
All in all I have to pay over a 100US$ but I just could not resist on getting these because my Burner does not like the 48x TYs…

Well i havent “just” bought it but about 2 months ago i got a cake box of 25 verbatim 16x -r printables for £7

Mmmmmedia :bigsmile:

2 x 50 pack of Verbatim pastel CDR discs manufacturer Taiyo Yuden
2 x 50 pack of verbatim DVD + R mediacode YUDEN000T03

bought from SVP

Me too, I hate the damn things. They put VERBATIM 16X DVD+R on the printable area in shiny gloss no-stick material. I will never buy Verbatim again.

same sht with Panasonic printable TYG02 discs, they say panasonic etc in the middle, bah.

Ive found permanant markers solve that problem :wink:

lol, blanking over it with a marker solves it for you?? LOL, ive used up half a tub on just doing tests with my drive, they burn ok, but are hella annoying when you want to use them to back up a dvd and u cant print over the whole disc.

I found my favourites in Samsung. Best printing surface yet, looks real good.

See benchmark results below …
PCI-E - Yay!

AGP4x/8x - Okies!
AGP1x/2x - Bah!
Onboard - ROTFLMAO!

‘yay’ lol :bigsmile:

Those benchmarks are the result of many years of testing.

What about ISA?