What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise

Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB (mainly to use as an 4K Blu-ray player).

The Beatles (White Album) 3CD Deluxe Edition.

I got a few pc parts but none of them is for me, so here we go

PSU: Coolermaster Masterwatt 600W Lite
HDD: Seagate Iron wolf 1TB
CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600
Mobo: Auros B450 M
Case: Sharkoon VS4
VGA: Gigabyte GTX1050ti

What is interesting is that you got an SSD as a gift with the purchase of certain AMD CPU’s, the SSD is a Topdisk S330 60Gb no further info, and it only has one year warranty, so they dont expect this to live for a long time.

Yamaha NP-S303 network music player.

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The second and third release from Skyclad, since i did the mistake of not buying them back in the 1992 and 1994.

Aone BD-R 25GB 4x, inkjet printable, PHILIP-R04-000, c10
Philips BD-R 25GB 4x, logo, INFOME-R30-000, MIT, c10 x2,5
no name BD-R 25GB, pearl white, unfortunately PHILIP-R04-000, c25, can it be inkjet printed?

So far I have burned Philips media @4x on 4 of my burners and results are good, one Aone burned on iHBS212 clone looks awful, but I guess that it’s “normal” for that media.

Also a power cable, and some spare parts phone and networking but nothing special.

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The Philips are pure silver? The lable let me guess it´n non-printable

R04 could be awful and OK, rarely good, depends on burner and charge

Philips as written - with logo:

no name discs with R04 MID are pure silver, non-printable.

Thnaks,I read it correct but wrote ambiguous, I meant your nonames with PHILIP-MID. If the surface is smooth it´s non-printable (mostly)

PlayStation Classic.

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Nice :slight_smile:

Still 2x-speed CD-ROM :wink: ?

It seems to be pure polycarbonate on top, silver reflective layer is beneath it, so no printing layer :slight_smile:

Yakumo DVD-R



Tevion DVD+RW 4x


I have been searching for VIVASTAR DVD-Rs for almost 12 years with no success. :dizzy_face:
Are you willing to trade or sell 2 pcs of these media?

Oh sure, I can send some to you. There are 8 pcs on the cake. But they are a little scratched.

Nice MIDs :slight_smile:

Today it was time for the first burn - Optiarc AD-5170A v1.14, burned @2,4x (the only available speed). Doesn’t look that bad :wink:

Nice for this old media :slight_smile:

I´m sure the 5170A have a writing strategy for this media.

My not so old LG GH24NSB0 have a proper strategy for very old CMC MAG D01 (also 2,4x) and works better with it than some older writers

Some Memorex DVD+R DL RITEK-D01-001 and Titanum DVD+R 8x MCC 004 (Fake, I guess)

JVC DVD-R 8x TYG02 (MiJ, I hope) and TYG03 by CMC

JVC DVD-R DL 2x-8x TYG11