What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise



Well, lets all here what deals, or just items you;ve snapped up recently??

I recently ordered a 100 pack of TYG02 from SPV, 1 pack of cd writing pens, one 25 pack of DL media from apr media( i managed to get them to lower their price by £1,15 :clap: LOL thanks to their price promise thing) OS media was more expensive due to shipping, apr media being more local. They sent me an email saying they;d beaten OS media’s price but they hadnt by about £0.30 LOL. Ah well, better than nothing.


100 TYG02 (OEM) - Thermal Printables + 100 TY (That’s) Ceramic Coat CDR for $102au inc P&H. (For my parents actually)

Litey 160P6S for $60au.


o.t but what thermal printer do you use??


Tis called a “sharpie” permanent marker :iagree:
(What my parents use).


A spindle of 25 Sony’s, because the previous purchase (spindle of 25 Philips) sucked.


OMG i use those as well…:slight_smile: :bigsmile:


Must run in the family :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, ive just officially commited to stop buying non printable dvds just because I hate have to search for a pen, and the discs look so nice when printed on :bigsmile: , but yeah, have got those pens now, mine are by datawrite, woo hoo lol, to use my last non printable dvd’s properly.


I have sworn off non printables now too as I have a 50 year supply of non printable and recently got an r300. Still, the last pack I got was a 50 pack of sony non printable (t02). I guess I’m just adicted to buying media.
As far as otherwise, I got a pci radeon 9250 (I have no idea why I buy so much worthless crap just because it was cheap, 32$). Actually it saves my from having to buy an expensive pci-e card I cannot afford right now (going to buy a new motherboard and cpu but I dont have enough money for all three). Its either that or a board with onboard video and pci-e. Suprisingly, doing a little digging, they sell quite a few pci vid cards on newegg (lots of crappy oem computers with only pci slots). I just wish there were some benchmarks out there on pci vid cards and or onboard video (I know, why would anyone bother).


Im after a true RAM burner. When these R/W’s run out im not buying anymore. They just can not be trusted. I depend on the storage of data so I also have a meg a bit tape system but it takes all night to lay down a pattern. I have lost a few things using DVD but never lost a minute on tape. It just takes forever. If they drop the restrictions and price of a hd / br burner ill get one. But I would prefer something like 250 to 500 gig per disc.


hmm that would be a dream for backing up movies as ISO;s :bigsmile:


Hell ya :bigsmile:

Actually the system is so big at the moment I can’t ghost it. Where the heck is UPS dude :bigsmile: Raid strip set.


Psssst…bk…LG :wink:

I bought some TY Verb CDRs the other day (yes, I paid more than Greg…but I guess I paid to have them in my paws there and then :bigsmile: ).

And today I picked up Saw 2 - looking forward to watching it :iagree:


:bigsmile: Speaking of those TY cd’s i got mine this morning along with the rest of the goodies i’d ordered :slight_smile:


Getting stuff delivered from SVP is like Christmas :bigsmile:


I didn’t like saw, It was a little to weird for me. I like the old classics. Most of the actors are dead now but that was when hollywood knew how to make movies. It’s easy to pick out a computer generated Michale Rennie or Patricah neal or a producer like Robert Wise.


Do you want popcorn with that saw :stuck_out_tongue: :confused:


Speaking of older movies, I watched part of ‘the texas chainsaw massacre’ a while back, i thought it was more funny than the remake lol, i mean funny in a ‘err wtf lol?’ sense.


I couldn’t resist. it was less than half price in a closing down sale.


Drooooooooool :slight_smile: