What has Lite-On done to there firmware?

In some cases it does seem to be but others may have different results.

Its only his falt after he used hacked firmware not while he was using stock firmware intended for his drive. Only reason he tried hacked firmware was because stock was not getting it done.

Read again it was stock and as he said after you upgrade to new stock firmware liteon does not allow you to revert back to older frimware. So you have to hack the old firmware in order to flash back to it.

The problem here is using stock firmware. Users are not getting the results they should be, so then they are trying other unofficial firmwares.
The solution here is what mostly none here follow if its not broken don’t fix it. So if your drive is burning fine there should be no need to upgrade the firmware.
If liteon would make there firmware better, users having real issues would not be venturing for better firmware of some sort.

Well said Unknown1234, the only reason I upgraded to the STOCK GSB7 firmware was because I had bought some new discs.

Maybe we are all barking up the wrong tree and maybe this is Lite-Ons real strategy, Downgrade the firmware slowly over a few months in all old drives so that we think they are faulty then we will all go out and buy new ones?

chevy LOL nice concept

I believe ppl are completely barking up the wrong tree.

It all depends on media. Pick a FW that works good for your drive and ur media.
If the next one is crap dont use it simple as that. But dont believe it means every drive under the sun is been ruined by the new FW cause its different for every drive. And certainly dont instantly claim that the new liteon FWs are crap.

As for the recalibration issue, look it up using a forum search :slight_smile: theres enough evidence to decide on whatever ppl wish

you may be right

Being content with what is flawed to begin with should not be the case. Liteon does not state that only x media will work with x drive. It states that the drives will burn at such and such speeds. If the problem is not the firmware then liteon has a much bigger issue to deal with do to its lack of consistency. It should not be the case that 2 identical drives, in hardware and same firmware, should not even come close to giving the same results using the same media.

BTW in case anyone missed it the key phrase here is
If it aint Broken Don’t Fix It

Some people report good results, after multiple FW flashes and bad burns, by flashing a copy of the original EEPROM and FW. (you DID save a copy of that EEPROM, right?) Then use a LiteOn FW flasher to update to the version of your choice. (Please note that nobody is recommending that you mess with your EEPROM for any reason)

The notion that LiteOn is somehow plotting to wreck your burner is, well, pretty silly. The truth is that ALL firmware changes are a trade off, theres some gains and some losses. Better RW quality may also cause lower R quality, improved read quality may mean lower write quality, etc. etc. etc.

As has been said here, and by LiteOn, if you are getting the results you want from a drive, don’t update the FW. Personally, I have never seen any lasting negative effects from changing FW versions, the same FW always performs the same on my drives no matter what else I have done to the drive. And I have flashed some of these drives hundreds of times. YMMV.

So you don’t agree with my conspiracy theory?

When I buy hardware I don’t mind paying pay a little extra for brands that I know and trust, Asus motherboards, Creative sound cards, Intel processors and Lite-On CD and DVD drives, they all have a great reputation.
I know these brands are reliable and will provide good support in the future, that is why I had no hesitation in updating my STOCK firmware, I felt confident that Lite-On would enhance and build upon their successes, so when new media became available I could update the firmware and not worry that I may have bought something that would be obsolete within a year.
The advantage of firmware is that you can provide a good working product that is future proof.
Unfortunately Lite-On have goofed, I am sure that they are aware of our problems and are working on another firmware update.
Until then I cant wait.
Lite-On, please regain my respect and fix your firmware updates for the 451 and Atko’s 811, don’t let NEC become the ruler of the roost.

don’t let NEC become the ruler of the roost

It’s WAY too late for that. :wink:

unkown1234, I will second your last statement, I use this statement on my employees all the time. And it applies to some of the people posting on this thread and baming Lite On, I flashed my 812s to 832s@VS04 to now VS0A understanding that if it did not work and the drive died it’s all my fault and not Lite On, but my 812s@832s@VS0A work just fine even on crappy Ritek G04 media as well as crappy Princo 1x media.

If it ain’t broke do not fix it, damm it!!! LOL

Well, I got news for you, IT IS Lite-On that has messed things up, I have finaly got my drive back to the old stock GSB6 firmware and all is OK again, no messing, it has worked from the first disk, it does not need to calibrate itself as someone seemed to think, the problem here is there are some people that think that just because their drive / firmware / disc works that there cant be anything wrong with Lite-On, well that is rubbish, Lite-On have messed up some WRITE strats and READ settings.
As for If it ain’t broke do not fix it - how on earth are we suposed to use new discs if we dont update it? Or do you all just want to use old 2 speed media?
The whole idea of making a drive with firmware is to make it future proof, which is a great idea.

I guess you do not understand the saying “IF IT AINT BROKEN DON’T FIX IT”
It simply means if you don’t need to upgrade the firmware do not.
I agree that liteon does screw up with firmware but crossflashing is not an answer and is done at your own risk. You do not know the ill effects if any it will have later on, regardless of flashing back to your old firmware. Also know that not everyone gets the same results from the same drives with the same firmware. Why, I do not know but that is just how things are. I believe the biggest problem liteon has is not the firmware because the firmware will work well on certain drives but not on all. Instead I would say inconsistency is there biggest problem because same drives get different results. If it was only firmware then all drives should be getting same results wether good or bad. So yes I agree firmware is an issue but I doubt that is the only thing.