What has Lite-On done to there firmware?

I have spent the past couple of weeks trying to sort out my 451, all was fine untill I updated the firmware, I tried stock GSB6,7,9 and cracked 832 VS04 and VS0A but the results when donw hill, the disks I have been using are Maxell DVD-R 4 speed and Zero Defex (G05) 8 speed.
The Maxells have always been very good and I only burn them at 2 speed but the newer firmwares are creating poor burns, Kprobe errors have gone from average of 10 PI to over 100 PI.
It turns out that the newer firmwares don’t just have rubbish write strats but can’t read very well either.
Below is an example of 2 tests, I have gone back to the original GSB6 firmware and version 1 of Kprobe, both read tests are on the same Maxell DVD-R disc, read at 4 speed but the good one is using GSB6 and the bad one is using 832@VS0A.
Lite-On have really messed up big time.

You’re using a firmware that wasn’t designed for the 451 drive, so why are you blaming LiteOn?

Not every drive will respond well to such firmware swapping, although the scan is still in the “acceptable” range.

I might ad that burning 4x DVD-R at 2x is often not very successful.

I am blaming Lite-on because 1st I used stock GSB7 then GSB9 but because of the problems I was getting I finaly tried the 832 hacked versions, ALL firmware versions except GBS6 are producing very poor results, both writing and reading.

My player is a Denon 2900 and it is very fussy about the discs I use so for best results I had to use either TDK or Maxell 4 speed and burn at 2 speed.

I have tried various Ritek discs but these are so bad with the newer firmwares that I had to change the write strat to MXL

Another reasone for blaming Lite-On is that you can’t flash to an older firmware, the only way to do that is to use an old hacked one first.

your blame is completely unreasonable.

you might just as well blame nvidia for not making bios’s for ati cards.

This explanes why so many other people are getting mixed results, the different STOCK firmwares are changing the READ results, some media returns the same results no matter what firmware you use while other media returns very different results.
The results in the 1st post clearly show this to be true, Lite-On really have messed thing up for us!

As I’ve said before, LiteOn changes a lot between firmware revisions–revised OPC controls, servo controls, OPU controls, write strats, etc. For the most part, all this is for the better, and newer firmwares in general do work better. But for certain circumstances, for certain media, for certain drive units, such revisions can be harmful.

It is no surprise that changing firmwares could change read results, which is why it’s always a good idea to scan back on the same drive using the same firmware.

AS a matter of fact, there’s never been a single firmware release that didn’t impact reading results. Which is why we have never recommended comparing scans from different firmware versions.

Well, now I am totaly confused, if I update to the newer STOCK firmware I will have to bin all the DVD’s that I created using the old firmware because the new firmware won’t read them very well?
Sounds pretty stupid to me!

My friend it surely is not.

I tend to agree with KC Boy. Liteon have srewed up big time with their recent firmware e.g. i have a 811s (bad news). Liteon have accepted that their firmware “OQ” has lead to my drive producing coasters and have agreed to replace drive. Problem is I’ll more than likely get an 832 or 851 with the latest firmware which is known to give poor write results.
Easy, liteon should do a little more R&D before releasing weekly firmware updates and also allow you to go back to prevoius versions if necessary.

I’ll try the new drive when it arrives, but am thinking of buying a nec 2500a.

I also concur. My 451S has gotten progressively worse with each firmware release. The latest GSB9 screws up my Maxell DVD-R discs, which used to be decent. And it won’t read CD-R’s or pressed CD’s at high speeds in EAC. DAE extraction is all messed up. And the patched firmwares aren’t any better for my drive. I guess I got a dud. I’m also looking to “upgrade” to a NEC 2500 or 2510.


2500/2510 is poor reader, it will get crc read errors on disks that will read fine on pioneer or liteon. You may want think about that. its fine writer though.

Look folks, I hate to side with the minority here… but it’s true.

On drives that they’re INTENDED FOR, Liteon’s latest batch of firmwares just… sucks. Mostly at reading.

See my other threads for more on this, but taking an identical (and well burnt) disc and reading it in my 851 with GS0H versus GS0Q… GS0Q has many times the error rate… 10x the error rate, in fact!

But I do agree that it’s probably isolated to certain media types. But it does seem to be clear across the board, with the latest firmwares for 851, 832, etc.

  • Gurm

Interesting topic… and I just have to give my opinion.

Some background. My DVD burning career started with a LDW-411 FW FS02. Shortly after signing in on this forum I upgraded to next FW (FS07).
Sure in the begining there was some problem with new fimware release on; lead-in, lead-out, DVD-R mediacompatibility, bitsettingsuport and god knows what else. The only “good” firmware I remember was, and still is FS0F. :wink: (Only “tested” FS0J though.)

But by the time, Lite-On firmware improved. At same time (around new year) Zebra patch came avaliable. At that time I had tested almost all firmwares released for 411 and decided a switch over to 411@811.
Media compatibility improved, bitsetting was stable (also on +RW) and all in all a majority of Lite-On DVDRW drives burned and readed very well, from what I could se on this forum.
On Z-pathed I tested all firmwares released after mid february. Most of them worked good on my “new” 8X DVD+R drive. Favorite; HS0K and HS0Q especially with c0deguys media speed-up and write strategy patches! :smiley:

Some weeks ago I purchased a SOHW-812 (US0F). Burned some DVD´s to check everything was okay. Upgraded to US0N shortly after. Great burns and reads, my best drive sofar. All the problem with Mount-Everest peaks at the end of disks that I had initially with 411 has now gone.
Remember, 812 has a new PUH, which I think is better then that in 4(8)*1 drives. [Actually I think this new pickup-head has done more to improve the write and read quality than the FW´s provided by Lite-On. For this drive anyway.]
All my firmwares for 812 has been Omnipatched with tools from c0deguys.
Finally I upgraded my 812 to an 832 one week ago. Firmware was d/l from c0deguys site. Omnipatcher has done a great job to make the drive burning the most perfect @8X burns ever on RICOH-R01 and CMC MAG media.

Honestly I don´t feel Lite-On firmware is worse then others. My friends on NEC, BenQ, Pioneer, Philips, Plextor DVDRW´s have same problem as I had in the begining of my 411s.
Yes, I´m a lite-on fan, but not the fanatic kind of. Both my DVDRW´s are and have been working perfect. I have always feeded my drives with good media like; TY, RICOH´s, RiTEKG04 aso. (Yes, I tested princos too, but only one 10-pack spindle…long time ago.) Untill today I only have 3 discs coasterd by firmware, compared to more then 300 perfect burned.

To sum it up gentlemen. Generally I feel “Lite-On” firmware is good. All the patches and tools released by c0deguys has made our firmwares even better. :wink:
In my opinion most of the problems we read about on this board are hardware (the burner included) and “bad” DVD media related. Many of the “firmware problems” are also user/knowledge related…

I´ll end this long post with my latest good Lite-On/c0deguys firmware. :cool:

So if we use STOCK firmware there seems to be 2 issues here.

  1. Write strategies have not just been added to but existing ones have been changed
  2. Read routines have also been changed.

Is there such a thing as a read strategy or is it part of the write strategy?

Is this part of Lite-On’s overall strategy to have us all replace our drives for new ones because they are making them more useless with every update?

LOL its funny to see how some ppl really bitch at things so small… If the FW doesnt work for u either flash back or get a new drive thats known for burning crappy media.

did u burn atleast 10 discs before making such claims? The drive has to calibrate to the new FW version

I have a 812s and I can post as many kprobes of US0N and VS0A and it always shows VS0A as the best…

I aint saying the new FW will be good on all drives… Just maybe ppl without a 832 or 812 should not comment on these FWs


If you look at my post, I was comparing Apples to Apples, NOT Apples to Oranges. I took two firmwares INTENDED for my drive (an 851S) and compared them.

The BURNS produced by the newer firmware (GS0Q) are BETTER than the BURNS produced by the older firmware (GS0H). But the READS are piss-poor, time after time after time.

I agree that people who have bad results with x51->832 should stop complaining, or at least be willing to consider that it isn’t the firmware that’s the problem.

HOWEVER, Liteon has screwed the pooch on STOCK firmware. It has happened before… it takes them a revision or two to clear up the mistake.

  • Gurm

look, i’m sorry but if you flash microcode to a device that it’s no designed for it’s YOUR problem if it doesn’t work, not the manufacturers - if it then doesn’t work again when you flash back, still YOUR fault.

you used a hacked one in the first place ffs.

Is this true???

Sorry, can’t believe hardware takes some time to calibrate to new FW. I’ve made a no. of FW changes over time, taken read/write results ex kprobe and there’s little or no difference from 1st burn to 10th burn using same media.