What has happened here

I’ve been carrying out some disc quality tests with Nero, having never bothered before. I’ve been using Verbatim with TYG02 dye.

I’m using my new Benq DW-1655 to check the quality of the back-ups I’ve made.
All seems to be ok, so I thought I would compare it to a previous back up on my Plextor Px-708A using the same Verbatim discs…just look at the result below. :doh:

All my backups on my Plextor are similar to the one below…but play perfectly even in the most choosey of dvd players. Now I have doubt as to whether my previous backups are going to last or whether the Benq is giving an incorrect reading.

Anyone got any ideas??? Are my backup’s close to worthless???

Scan at 8x speed, which is the standard for Benq scanning here.

Here’s another scan at x8 speed.

Different disc…same poor statistics.

Checked one from when I had my Plextor 3 years ago…different media but guess what, the same result.

This in theory means that all burns I have made over the previous 3 years are all like this one. :sad:

I’m not having any probs reading them in my dvd player or pc but surely in theory on paper they are terrible burns and not exactly ‘archive’ quality.

I’m hoping my Benq is reading it wrong :confused:

Could be the high jitter giving the result, I have seen this before although not that bad.

Jep…the Benqs are known for showing high PIF if the disc has high jitter levels…
Do you have a Lite-On to scan? These drives don’t behave like the Benq in case of high jitter…

    This disc was burned with a Plextor  and scanned with a BenQ 1655, I really don't know if that works very well.

I liked your other answer better - the one before
you edited it. :bigsmile:

It seems to work reasonably well with burns on my Plextor PX-712, but I have seen BenQ scans posted of discs burned in Plextor PX-755/760 and they look ugly with jitter above 12%.

There’s an ongoing discussion about whether BenQ drives can accurately scan DVDs burned in non-BenQ drives. No definitive judgement has been reached yet.

Personally I think there is much circumstantial evidence indicating that BenQ scans of DVDs burned in some other drives (LG, LiteOn, NEC, Plextor) are not trustworthy.

El_Nino’s disc didn’t just show a poor quality scan in the BenQ drive, but actually failed a Read Transfer test! This doesn’t necessarily mean that the disc is unreadable at a lower speed or in another drive, but it certainly isn’t a good sign.

This indicates to me, that either the disc or El_Nino’s BenQ 1655 drive is problematic.

El_Nino, do you get good scans in your BenQ drive when you scan discs burned in that same drive?

Thats what it looks like, have you ever seen a bad scan so evenly poor. It looks like the laser was activated for Lightscribe during the scan. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Yes, but only with DVD+RW media. :slight_smile:

Mmmh… once again, it’s needed to mention that when “max” is selected with Benq drives, the scanning speed is actually 8X. Check the reading curve :wink:

As [B]DrageMester [/B]says, there are many discussion about Benq drives ability to scan discs burnt in non-Benq drives. :doh:

I have many discs burnt in NEC burners that show similar bad scans in Benq drives, though they play flawlessly in all my drives and show pretty good PIE/PIF figures in NEC (3540) and LiteOn scans. I don’t think we’ll have definitive answers anytime soon. :rolleyes:

Maybe fake TY media .
I’ve just burnt a Sony DVD-R with TY MID that I am sure is fake , sold here in Egypt as 100 discs spindle Made In China , I just bought two discs to try :

In that case it could be a faked Sony. Sony is not known for using fake TY codes.

Sorry bout that…it even wasn’t really late here in Austria when I posted that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all,

DrageMester, here’s a scan I took this morning of a disc burned and scanned in the Benq 1655. It’s looks pretty good to me, although opinions would be appreciated.

Below that is a scan on the 1655 that was burnt on the Plextor PX755a (which I have to return as it won’t play retail dvd’s???). That also looks ok.

And below that is a retail dvd scanned on the Benq (albeit on maximum speed before I knew differently).

I just don’t know what to trust…are my discs over the last 3 years worthless, or are any new discs burnt on the Benq going to be worthless. Are the burns on my Benq to be trusted as being good burns???

Don’t underestimate the bad quality of disc. Some time in spindle of best brand of disc you might have few with lowest quality or even different brand of media packed with.

yeah. the burns above look fine to me. for the most part the 1655 is an excellent burner.