What hardware to use?

Heya folks,

I am in the process of buying a NEC 2510 and had a few questions:

[li]I have at present a toshiba dvd rom SM1712 and a Lite-on burner 52246s will need to take one out to put in the Nec was just wondering if keeping the lite-on is the way to go considering I still burn a few protected titles?
[/li][li]I ordered some Fuji dvd+R discs to go with the NEC, is this a good brand? There was a cheaper set of Maxell DVD+Rs that I was considering would either be fine or is the fuji better? Both are 4x btw.

Anyway thought I would just run these few things by you guys. I think I’m pretty much set I got Nero installed, dvd decrypter and dvdshrink which should tide me over. Mostly looking at burning off my large collection of .avi movies and of course dvd backups.

Anyway looking forward to hearing what you suggest. Thanks in advance.

Depending on the amount of burns you normally do, using the NEC for both DVD & CD-R jobs will shorten its life somewhat. If having enough bays in your case is the only prob, might be worth it to just get a larger case & keep all three!

heh its notthe amount of bays actually, its that I have 2 harddrives so can only use 4 ide devices