What harddrive will I be using?

For now, my Linux server is equipped with a tiny harddrive (1.2Gb) just for the OS. Although this works perfectly, I’ll be upgrading soon. I want my server to do more things than it does now, so I need more space etc.

Anyhow… I have two old harddrives laying around and I want to use just one of them.

HDD1: A SCSI-UW disk (7200rpm, 6Gb)
HDD2: A DMA 33 disk (7200rpm, 6Gb)

If I’d pick the SCSI disc, I’d have to fetch me a 68->50 pin convertor, as I only have 50 pin SCSI cards.

I’ll be using my system for the following tasks:

  • fileserver (data is located on other disks in RAID-1 setups)
  • IMAP server (dats is located on a separate harddisk just for email)
  • blackbox + vmware + win2k for data exchange (data is once again located on a separated data disc)
  • various other packages (without high capacity cost)

What would be the smart thing to do? Arguments please :slight_smile:

For file serving the simple choice is the SCSI HD. No bottle neck. Well, at least less chance of occurance than an IDE HD, and a slow IDE HD at that.

Well only the fileserving software will be running on that disk. The data itsself is stored on separate RAID-arrays (160Gb discs to be precise).

Well, I’d still go w/ the SCSI. Just better reliability. That ATA33 HD doesn’t look safe at all. It could very well drop dead any minute.

Yes that’s good advice…

Reinstalling such a system isn’t something you do in just 2 hours…