What Hard Drive does Fantom & Lacie Use?

I’ve looked for a website for weeks now and can’t find any info. As I’m in the market for an external drive but want to stay away from “no name” drives, I’m forced to ask if anyone has peeked inside their cases?

Also, if anyone knows, are these prebuilt cases easy to take apart and replace the drives or do they tend to prevent this in some way?



I am the proud owner of three Fantom external hard drives - however - have never opened one up to view the guts - but there are four screws on the back - so it looks like there is access to the innards-

All three have worked flawlessly over the years-eh!!

Lacie depends on model, they use at least Seagate and some other brands.
Fantom… no idea, use google…

I’m personally very satisfied with WD’s Passport and My Book product line.

thanks–I would not try to open the case of a manufactured external drive either–as long as it was working.

So, if LaCie sometimes uses Seagate Hard Drives that normally have 5 year guarantees, why would the guarantee drop to 1 year? That would encourage me to either buy a Seagate External Drive or build my own??

Yes–google it. Surprisingly, I cannot find a single website that reveals the replacement drives, or original drives. Usually some specific combination of search words will get you the info, but not on this one.

As I just got into recording High Definition, my 1.2 Terrebytes is not enough! Zounds!!

Good reason to roll your own.

For drive ID try running one of these :
http://www.cpuid.com/pcwizard.php (my fave)
http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4181.html (Everest)
http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/index.h...n=sware_dl_3264 (Sandra Lite)

Doesnt hurt to email them and ask

I dont see the point in this though…

jflan–those are all good programs, but I haven’t bought the unit yet, so don’t think they would work (smile!)

xtacydima–I did email some companies (forget which ones) a year ago and got either no reply or “we use several.” Not much info at these places. If they were “proud” of their components, they would advertise? or not which is why most of the major hard drive makers have their own branded external drives?

DiiZzY–would you buy an external hard drive unit with a hard drive from a company you have never heard of?? I would not.

Since they dont manufacturer the disks themselves why would they be worse than any other?

Yeah, I know…just hopin’ that someone that had one could tell you what was up :slight_smile:
I’d roll my own to get the 5 yr warranty.

Dizzy==thats an excellent point. From that big study of hard drive failures about 3 months ago, I guess “everything” really is just the luck of the draw???

What do you think of my idea that SEAGATE “must be” a better drive than all the rest as it has a 5 year warranty whereas all the others are 3 years max? I’ve heard it is only marketing hype and maybe thats true? But when the truth is difficult to determine, hype is all we have? (smile!)

jflan==I thought the same thing, but thought your post was too obscure for that understanding. Maybe BigMike could do us a favor and run such programs??

All in all, I’m starting to think it doesn’t matter what is in those less expensive drives==building my own external drive based on SEAGATE 5 year warranty seems like the best way to go. Any body think otherwise==and why???

To be honest I wouldnt say that Seagate are better than any other. Unless you manage to get a drive with a very old Maxtor drive I’d say that it doesnt matter.
I would a bit careful at Seagate’s external HDDs since at least their 2.5" external drives use custom cables which blows big time.

Diizzy–I’ve not come across “any” reliability figures that prove anything. Worst case then might be that Seagate is no better than any other brand? If thats true, then their five year warranty would be a real plus over 3 or 1 year warranty whether it was based on engineering or marketing==as long as they stay in business and honor the warranty?

So–cables really irritate me. I was at the store the other day. They were selling a kit that had about 6 different sizes of USB connectors. What is it about “UNIVERSAL” is it that this industry finds so hard to honor?

Thanks for your great input! //// Bobbo.

Pretty much, speed wont matter since any drive today will max out USB 2.0 .
But as I said, they may use custom cables and I would look out for it because it will be a hassle if it brakes to get a replacement.


Have you tried looking for just the enclosures sold seperately. I don’t know if this would be cost efficient (single purchase vs combo purchase) but if you have any specific preference for a brand name to your HDD of choice, it would just make things easier.

xtacydima—Well, I’m an idiot. I have two self-built external hard drives. One with an ide Seagate in it and the other with a Sata Seagate in it. Both performing perfectly. But, even as prices are falling on these drives, still a few cents per gigabyte cheaper if I bought LaCie or some other brand. If these other brands also used Seagates, then the quality of the drive would be on par with what I can do myself.

But this thread has allowed me to think thru the brand loyalty I have with Seagate (because of its warranty) and the simplicity of making my own external drive===MY MIND IS MADE UP. All external drives from now on will be self-build Seagates. Fans don’t matter that much as I put an external fan on the external enclosures anyway. Heat kills!!! (and raises the worlds oceans!)

thanks again for your responses. /// bobbo.

Even Seagate only warrants their external drives for 1 year, so it is a no brainer to build your own. I have been very satisfied with this case. Metal for heat transfer and very good material selection.

Chas–I did not know that. YES-definitately, if my build it myself external gets the 5 year warranty, no reason to look further.

If you happen to know, why are so many devices limited to 500GB? Thats not a limitation otherwise for anything I have read?

bobbo. ((Very nice box you selected there. I am using the NexStar from NewEgg. Very similar looking with yours a bit more “macho!”)

The 500GB limitation is just the upper limit of the available drives when they last tested them for specifications. They won’t update the limit unless they want to go through the testing and certification again, so most just keep it where it is. That way if a new drive happens to not work they are not at fault.