What happens with useless CDs?

I just posted the article What happens with useless CDs ?.

On CanadaComputes you can find an intresting story about what happens with CDs you throw away (like most of us do with Compuserve/AOL CDs I guess). According to this article they are recycled in…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3648-What-happens-with-useless-CDs-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3648-What-happens-with-useless-CDs-.html)

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I was gonna say drink coasters.

fb- is right. I use them as coasters. I also use a glue gun to make them into xmas wreaths, the best one is the one I made alternating red and green tinted CD-Rs that were toasted, scratched or outdated. We take them out in the swamp and use them for clay pigeons. We superglue them to our bumpers for a neat effect. I have a friend who even used CDRs to make a signal lamp for morse code and other visual messages.

Yeah… and some of them are heavy enough for frisbees. That’s cool that a company is trying to recycle them in the mainsteam.

What happens with useless CDs ?
I wonder that everytime I visit the local record store… so many useless CDs for sale!

Ooops, I thought you were talking about Britinay Spears:4

record stores still exist?

I would say one of the better ones was what a lazy mate of mine did. His stereo was set up in his room pointing at an awkward to his bed, so he stuck a useless CD to his wall so he could lie in his bed and point the remote at the CD to turn his music on :slight_smile:

i use mine as weapons. i usually grind the edges then throw them like ninja stars.

They are preyy cooln the microwave too:7

That would be:- Pretty cool in the microwave too:7 time to get some sleep