What happens when you try to copy protected material



Panasonic DVD Recorder :“Copying of this material is not allowed”
LiteON DVD Recorder : “Protected Content”
Pioneer DVD Recorder :" This content is copy protected"
Ilo DVD Recorder :“Copy protected Material”
AvionDVD Recorder : “This machine will not duplicate Copy protected material”

My advice, get Sima GODVD. :slight_smile:


I have a LiteOn LVW5045. With the latest firmware I cannot record some TV programs supplied by comcast basic cable. IOW channel 13 the local FOX network.

Does this Sima GODVD have an NTSC tuner?


Sima’s GoDVD makes it easy to convert your collection of VHS and DVDs to DVD. Compatible for DVD to VHS, VHS to DVD and DVD to DVD. Also converts PAL and NTSC signals for viewing overseas. Digitizes video signal to reduce video sync “noise” and features 6 output settings to improve image quality.
Sima’s GoDVD will remove ALL forms of copy protection or your money back!


wow, You can go to Circuit City and buy it right now :slight_smile:


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Anyone know any UK suppliers?


Just press record button after fbi and all that crap and before the actual movie
starts and you should be ok copying anything.