What happens when you put a slice of ham in your CD player?

Maybe this:



haha we had to have someone come to our house to fix our cd-rom drive probably about 10 years ago.

the guy removed the cd-rom drive and found a needle and thread inside. to this day, no one in the family has confessed to being repsonsible haha.

This is a classic example of a drive that “like” a media :bigsmile:

My daughter when she as very young, used to think it was cool to feed our DVD player with lego.

What mediacode have these lego? At what speed wad burned? Did she use an “official” or a “mum-modified” firmware? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would Lego even fit?! LOL :bigsmile:

haha. when my cousin was about 2 she had one of those dolls that you “feed” and the liquid disappears from the bottle and he mouth moves and stuff. I was helping her put her toys away and I picked the doll up and pasta salad was falling out of the mouth…i had to dig old pasta salad out of the depths of this doll’s throat…gross!

Mum was living at home with her parents at the time, and didn’t have enough brain power to modify firmware. :o

Hehe. Classic :iagree:

ooops :flower:

The wafer ones, the same ones she used for eating peanut butter straight from the jar. :eek:

I see…so the poor DVD player got a 2-course meal, then :wink:


Just wonder if that was Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim ham-eh?

i used to put toast in the vcr :slight_smile:

Hehe… and in the same vein as haveacigar, I had a similar experience with a VCR; that front flap is irresistible. Fortunately the machine started to work again after I retrieved about 37.5p in loose change from inside.

Gulasch is ready…

you must add cheese


u never heard of the band Spinning Ham