What happens when a 1000 Apple iBooks are offered up for $50 a piece?

What started as a sale turned into a mob scene as thousands of people pushed their way through the Richmond International Raceway gates to buy a $50 iBook laptop computer from Henrico County Schools Tuesday morning.

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        &lt;/td&gt; &lt;/tr&gt; &lt;/tbody&gt; &lt;/table&gt;   &lt;/td&gt; &lt;/tr&gt; &lt;/tbody&gt; &lt;/table&gt;   An estimated 5500 people were on hand when the gates were opened. What followed can only be described as chaos as dozens rushed to get to the head of the line. People were trampled, shoved and pushed.   Starletta Wilson pointed to her child’s broken stroller, “Yeah, they pushed me, look at my child's stroller... they actually pushed me and stampeded over me. Those people who are down there now were behind us."

Dustin Coppinger, who attended the sale, said he saw an older man run over by anxious buyers, “An old man in a walker was trampled to the ground. Trampled to the ground… walked all over,” he said.

Alice Jemerson was one victim who got trampled." Look at my knees. They ran on top of me. I just starting kicking the people," she said.

There were also heat problems as 17 people were treated for heat exhaustion. Four were taken to the hospital.

There were only 5 police on the scene when the gates were opened at 7 o’clock. Seventy additional officers were called in including 20 in riot gear. Twenty-two firemen were also needed.

Despite the chaos, <st1 =""><st1 ="">Henrico</st1><st1 ="">County</st1></st1>officials insist there was “adequate planning.” Paul Proto with Henrico County General Services says in preparing for the event, “all that was necessary was done. ”

Many who were there disagree. Steven Poor, who managed to get a laptop, said the problem was simple. “Just poor County management,” he said.

And a Henrico Police official told NBC12 News that Henrico General Services had been informed well in advance of the sale that the five off-duty officers that were retained wouldn’t be enough.

In four hours, the 1000 surplus computers had been sold.


I know its a good deal but man this is crazy :doh:

I know its a good deal but man this is crazy :doh:
Nah its nothing compared to IKEA opening in Riyad, 3 tramped to death.

We have that every wednesday morning at Aldi

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aldi for those who do not know what Aldi is.

Damn! :eek:

$50 for an 4 year old notbook which maybe is worth $75.

Don’t know if that’s really such a big offer.

I’m still happily using my 4-year-old super-low-end laptop (Dell Inspiron 2500) as my primary machine that I use for 80% of the stuff that I do. It probably won’t fetch much on the market, but that doesn’t mean that it’s still worth a lot to me. There needs to be a distinction made between something’s market value and something’s utility value. In most cases, the utility value exceeds market value (the “consumer surplus”, to use textbook economics terms).

And evidenced by this, for a large number of people, the utility value far exceeded the price that was set. It also showed that the price set was too low (lower than the true market value), as the demand was definitely much higher than the supply (moral of the story: the school system should’ve set the price much higher–get more money, and also reduce the stampede).

I remember shopping at Aldi back back when I lived in Kansas City. Never realized until just now that it was a major European chain.