What Happens To File? - Cd To Cd



When copying a CD track (cda) from one CD to another, what happens to the file? It seems cda’s cannot be transferred as digital code FROM one to another so what does software do?
Does it convert the cda to a wave and back to a cda on the target disc?

If you copy tracks with windows player it converts them to wma and you can put that on another CD but are we losing fidelity?

I used to use Easy CD creator when it was owned by Adaptec (win 98) and you could insert a CD, drag desired titles to the copying window, insert another CD and do the same etc etc. When you clicked Burn, the software would ask you insert the first cd and copy the file(s) to RAM (or hard drive?) then ask for the next, etc till all was copied ( one knows not to where or in what form) then it would ask for the target CD and copy the tracks to it. That was with one CD player/burner and it went off without a hitch.

Now I have a burner and a player so it should be easier. Now with XP the old software does not work (and it wasn’t mine anyway) and I wish to purchase good burning software. [I have another thread asking about which one?]
I have tried a few promising apps but find that that none of them copy
CD to CD. I have tried a demo of Nero which must do it somehow but it doesn’t seem straight forward and my attempts bore no fruit.

But, basically my questions are:
1 What conversion does the cda undergo en route to the target CD and
2 is there ANY fidelity loss
3 What loss is there if I record a cda into a wave edtor and copy it to a CD (where it becomes again, a cda).
4 Is there a difference in the loss if I record cda to WAV editor real time or simply save the cda as a wave file from the CD

Many thanks

  1. No conversion. All data remains intact, perhaps stored in .wav, or a proprietary format.

  2. No fidelity loss.

  3. As long as you are using 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo .wav files, then there is no fidelity loss. But if you try to edit the sound or use filters on it, there might be a fidelity loss.

  4. No difference, as long as your drive is fast and accurate at digital audio extraction.


Thanks JM.
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