What happens to cd-r´s when its cold outside?

Guy´s ,perhaps I should have posted this in newbie section? , but I´ve got a wierd problem.I have a cople of backed up music discs in my car (T-Y if interested)and when its cold out side (0 to -5 celsius or more)they won´t play in my (old) car stereo,but if I warm them up for a while in my hand ,they will play OK!They do play fine inhouse but this just occurs outside in cold and no matter which of my cars it is. This is just a funny problem wich I hope someone can explain to me,has it to do something to temperature specifications to the disc plastics or what?Thanks…

well, my best bet would be that your car CD player is pretty intolerant to media, and the CD-R tracks are slightly outta focus for it at the low temperature. Try using the heater in your car if you’ve got one - thats my advice.

the CD-R tracks are slightly outta focus for it at the low temperature

Could you develop that Please?
And intolerant to media?In that case my car player perhaps has a dual personality(:confused: ), the cd-r´s play fine if they´re brought out from inside the house or if the car (and discs)had been in a varm garage,so as I see it it doesn´t matter wherter the player is warm or not.All this really doesn´t matter , but I am just curious how this phenomena could appear…yours…

ill have to agree with KyRoWire, maybe ur car cd player is a little intolerant to media, in my car if a cd (audio) is written at a very high speed (48x in this case) the tracking of that cd in my car is so poor that its not worth listening to, sounds like when u shake a discman without the shock-protection.
But other cd’s done at nominal speeds will play just fine (god damn pot holes don’t help either) :frowning:

Is it possible that you’re putting CD’s in the drive that are fogged up?

all cdrs say to store them in temperatures between 5-55 degrees celcius. of course they wont work if your subjecting them to temps of 0 to -5 degrees celcius.

tracks are slightly outta focus - each invididual track on the CD might be slightly misaligned… if that makes sense - basically, most normal CD players won’t have any trouble because they will either adjust slightly to suit, or are designed with a wider track field of view. Your car’s CD player might not adjust, or be designed with a wider track fov, and because cold means things contract the tracks might be minutely smaller and out of focus for the laser and therefore not be read.

It’s my best theory

…@ KyRoWire :thanks , sure why not? @ cd pirate :do you know where I can get my hands on specifications on cd-r (diff. brand)?As I said before this doesn´t matter at all, but I sure think it´s a funny problem and would get down to it.

all cdrs have the same temperature specifications:)

:confused: …oh I see??:confused: