What happens if i

hmmm :confused: :confused: :confused:
that was silly :eek: :eek: :eek:
lol glad it wasnt me

A Duron at 4GHz on air? Without thermal paste or even a working fan?

was quite funny watching it expload tho :smiley:

Been there, done that … except we just hooked up mains voltage directly to a Pentium 65.99999999. Intel was sending us a newbie :wink:

The hole on the table seems a bit too much though - no way hosez :slight_smile:

this is teeerrrrible!!!

seen a few weeks ago … so fake …

Yeah … I’ve been trying to work out the physics of how something exploding outward managed to rip a hole in:

  1. The motherboard
  2. The table
  3. so neatly!

Every explosion I’ve ever seen (especially something powerful enough to go through a table), tends to be messy, and crack, split, tear/etc any surface it’s on.

4) I’ve yet to see any processor/IC explode with that much force. Generally a small chip from the (plastic) casing will fly away, or it will melt into itself/sag downwards :slight_smile:

Tis all good :wink:

Fun! :smiley:

It was still pretty cool looking.