What happens between ripping and ISO generation?

Hi everyone,

just a quick question: I tried the ripping-shrinking-burning thing yesterday with my laptop. Worked like charm however, it seems that CloneDVD2 is:

  1. Ripping the VOBs
  2. Shrinking them to whatever?
  3. Generating an ISO (if I ask it to do so instead of burning right away)

Between steps 2 and 3 I have a pretty big lag since “something” is copied from one partition to the other and laptop HDs are slow.

I am now wondering what the “whatever” in step 2 might be - if it is the ISO already (i.e. shrinking the ripped VOBs directly to an ISO), then it was just plain stupid of me to use step 3 and change the partition (likely I hope :slight_smile: ).

So just a quick question to the pros: What files do I have on my HD right after shrinking and before the ISO generation?

Aside: I seem to remember that DVDDecrypter rips a DVD straight to ISO, right? This should be a pretty cool solution when I can get my hands on DL media…


If you run AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 you will only need 2 steps.

  1. CloneDVD2 will compress the files (IFOs & VOBs) from the DVD if needed and copy them to your HDD (AnyDVD will decrypt them on the fly).

  2. CloneDVD2 will then write these files direct to a DVDR/RW without needing to make an ISO image.

This should speed things up for you :slight_smile:


Sorry I missed the second question:

Dual Layer DVD Media (DVD+R9) is already available from quite a few places but very expensive! Try SVP


Hi Taroth,

yup, I am using AnyDVD and I do commonly use the two step method you mention.

However, I think I should’ve made clearer why I am trying to generate an ISO inbetween:
My burner sits in an external enclosure, so if I want to backup two DVDs I start the encoding at my stationary PC with on DVD and on my laptop with the other DVD - now one of them cannot write to the DVD straigt away, right? :wink: Hence the need for ISO generation.

I seems that CloneDVD does not rip+compress to an ISO image right away so I am losing some time with the ISO generation (especially on the laptop with a relative slow HD…).

Oh well, it’s no that bad after all :slight_smile:


You still don’t need to make an ISO image, just rip the second DVD to a different folder on your HDD. CloneDVD2 will write the files from either folder straight to a DVDR (or either computer when burner plugged in).


Taroth - good one! Will try it tonight, thanks for the help. Didn’t spring to my mind that I could feed those files directly to CloneDVD :slight_smile: