What Happened?

I copied a DVD movie with my computer.It played just fine on my computer,my pioneer vhs/dvd player recorder,and my panasonic dvd player.Now two weeks later it won’t play on the pioneer and gives a disc code eror.What happened ? What has failed? Is the media you use important?Is there a quality diference between them?If so I used imation DVD-R 8x . Did my pioneer start to fail? If media is very important I need to know now as I am transfering many of my VHS tapes to dvd with the pioneer dual player recorder.
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At a quick glance, it sounds like media deterioration, although there may be another reason.

Can you download DVDIdentifier and/or CD-DVD Speed, and tell us the Media ID of those Imation discs?

Media is very important…for best results, I would recommend Verbatim, or media made by Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile:

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