What happened to www.dvdidle.com?

Anyone know what happened to www.dvdidle.com?

Do you had a look at this thread?
I really don’t know, if this has something to do with it, but yes at the moment
you can’t reach the site. :confused:

The forum was hacked. That was cleared up. This is the whole site being down.

Yeah I’ve heard. What’s going to happen now? there won’t be DvdIdle products?

Subject: Re: why is dvdidle.com down?
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 10:13:06 +0000


There is some problems of our website, and we will fix the problem as soon as

Any future questions, please feel free to contact us.

DVDIdle Support Team

Great news antec20, i was just getting along well with the DvdIdle softs when hacking thing happened. Hope the page becomes available soon…Good luck! :slight_smile:

What time was this ?

I live in the united states and i never had any problems in the past with their website.

Let’s see…

dvdfab is located in bejing china and as far as i know china does not yet have a WIPO agreement with the united states outlawing decss utilties.

Actually if dvdfab was ordered to be shutdown by the chinese goverment (which is very doubtful ) it would come up as a standard error 404.

A missing webpage.

Correct if i’m wrong.

Maybe it was just a case of malicious hacking.

plain and simple.

fab has had several issues with their site recently. Previously the forum was hacked to point they had to completely redo forum and all posts were lost! Then for the last 4-5 days the whole site was unavailable. As of 10/14 0718 US eastern time the site is back, but several features are unavailable, including the forum. I had emailed them directly but never got a response, and figured they were toast…
They have been supportive in the past, but I don’t think a very big operation, and although unknown what caused their latest woes, I think they have become specific hack target of someone, who knows, maybe Hollywood!

I kind of doubt the hollywood hacking theory …

Very doubtful.

That is not the MPAA’s style.

Why hack their sight when it’s easier to file a legal suit and sue DVDfab for contributory copyright infringement ?


The judgements would be so huge it would drown DVDFab financially in legal litigation.

cssman, “hollywood” as the cause was tounge in cheek…but seriously for some reason someone does not like Fab - not your usual corporate target.

well, Friday afternoon, its back, and posts from new forum appear intact

Hollywood theory hard to believe. Mind about some guys backing up dvds that they’ve actually bought (I did!) is tiny fish in the wide seas. To sue DvdIdle for piracy contribution: possible. :cop:
Hacking (maybe by a smarter Soft Distributor!):more likely.
After all, if you want to fight piracy what would you do? I’d attack software distribution as a starting point. But, will this put an end to the story? No way! There’s a guy selling dvds at every street corner of the world. Check e-bay for example!
What if Fengtao is done with the whole thing and decided it is not worthy any more? Doubts, doubts…that’s all we have. :confused:
What about that new thread about dvdidle.net?

The forum is back and DVDIdle.com is back too. Tried log in and had to change name and stuff but couldn’t manage. Don’t know what to do. Need help.

hi guys,dvdfab forum page is still down,any news about it,fangtao,where are you?

The Forum is working, it’s just under .net now instead of .com


thanks you very much,i just update it for my record