What happened to these Good Ideas?

Whatever happened to Zen Technology and Kenwoods TrueX drives?

Why is there no push for Double Density CD-R discs and burners?

And what is so hard about making combo drives with serious performance?:confused:

too expensive, MTBF too low…, other technologies catching up…

Who needs 72sp reading, isn’t 52 speed not enough?

DD-cdr => interesting initiative from TDK, but nowadays we have dvd-burners and we have 99mins cd-r’s… so not much chance for TDK’s initiative.

Combo drives have multi-purpose laser heads, these laser heads are heavy, so it is hard to make such a device fast.

@Upp3rd0g: DD-CDR(W) was the Sony initiative, the 1.3GB discs that cost four times as much as the normal discs.
The TDK ones were called ML-R(W), and they had quite attractive (for the time proposed) 36x CLV recording speeds, and boasted 3x the capacity of a normal CD, but I don’t think it even got to market.