What happened to the PX-716AL?



I thought this drive was to be released in April. Does anyone have any updated information?


That is a really good question and I haven’t seen any posts about it. Maybe it won’t be a great seller. Maybe G FR3@K knows!! :slight_smile:


I emailed plextor cause I’m also waiting for this damn drive. I loathe the tray…


This product will be available at the end of May. Please stay tuned!

We apologize for the delay and tank you for your interest in Plextor products.

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I’m curious…why do you dislike the tray loading of the PX-716A?

I have a preference for the tray, and for good reason. I can make sure that the disc is “dust free” before the disc is recorded and like the fact that pinch rollers, which may become laden with dust, grit and grime, never touch my disc. Is there any way to remove dirt that has been introduced to the slot loading mechanism and pinch rollers? At least I can visually inspect the tray and blow off any dust that may have settled on it, and it DOES happen to collect due to air being pulled through the drive by the computer’s fans.

If you have a big enough piece of dust on the media before recording, you WILL get a recording gap. If it’s small enough, error correction will take care of it, but if not…

For this same reason, I don’t really care for slot-loading CD players in cars. I can’t even begin to estimate the number that have gotten scratched by pinch rollers. Unfortunately, if you’re going to have a built-in CD player, there aren’t many other options…

Anyway, I’m really just curious what fuels the demand for these slot loaders?!


Looks like its delivery was delayed. It’s a niche product. Current ETA is June 15, according to sparco.com, which provides warehousing/shipping for several online retailers.


It’s a matter of taste and preference. They just look better to some people.


For me it is ease of use and speed. I used to have a Pioneer DVD-A06S ROM. With no tray you can hold a disk in your hand, press the button, take the ejected disk with the same hand and insert the new disk while still holding the ejected one. It’s a bit of finger acrobatics but it can be done quite fast once you get the hang of it. And the slot-in mechnism never scratched a disc for me.


I am still using a Pioneer DVD-305S (slot load). It is the fastest loading CD/DVD drive that I own. It takes 7 seconds from the time the disc is inserted to the time that windows is displaying the data.



Quick changing DVDs isn’t an issue for me, but I can see how the slot loader could help those that are concerned with speed.

Though they may not scratch DVDs, I’ve seen the gaps that can be caused by dust and dirt on the surface prior to recording (from my tray loaders), and in a few cases the CRC of the files would not match because the gap was too big. When that happens, I burn another one, visually examine the burned surface, and then compare CRCs to the files on the hard drive before erasing those files.

Maybe I’m just overly concerned, but I have been “burned” by unrecoverable data after I erased the original files from my hard drive…


Well that sucks