What happened to the K-probe thread?

Just wondering what happened to the K-probe thread (believe it was sticky’ed).

This been taken down because of the problems with Lite-On?

There will be a resolution to this problem in a day or 2, I hope. In the mean time, if you need assist or something like that, PM me and I’ll help out. The thread is not gone, it’s just hiding in a safe place. :wink:

:bow: I pray Karr is not in trouble with LiteOn!!

To bad I don’t think praying will work :a

Lite-On don’t see that k-probe actually increase their sales as many will buy the drives to be able to have the nice testing capabilities.

What happened? I Don´t Know what´s going on.
Do U have deeper Informations?

This is not looking good :frowning: