What happened to the DW830A?

Was it not supposed to already have been released in May? It’s now removed from BenQ EU’s website and I haven’t seen it available anywhere yet and as the DW1600 is supposed to be out soon I wonder if it will ever be released…

here in Italy the only available benq dvd burner is the DW800A :frowning:

Yeah, as I remember it should be released in June.
I think thy may-date is from an old roadmap.
Maybe they have still some problems to sort out with DL or with the new drive-layout.

I never really understood the point of the 830.
-It has only 2MB Memory, while the 822 has 8MB,
-it cannot write DVD-R(W), but 822 can
-it should support DL out of the box (while no massproduction-DL-DVDs are available to finetune firmware), while the 822 simply gets that firmware later this year
-it has a complete new layout, while the 822 has the well tested 800 layout
-it is more expensive, while 822 is rather cheap

Conclusion: I won’t miss the 830 to much, and I woudnt advice a friend to buy it.

Since Benq 1600 had showed in the market, you should take consider before 830A.