What happened to ritek?

Jumps on Ritek hate club bandwagon

The g05’s suck balls real hard. All of mine are stuffed and that’s 100+ of them.

The G04’s however, I have some burnt from 2+ years ago which still work fine. They have a green top, not printable.

But Ritek suffers from reflectivity issues (their dye sucks), and there are some longevity concerns related to how well the discs are constructed.

Well your wrong about the reflectivity. Players with weak lasers (for example gamecube) prefer G04/G05 (and also princo does it good here) over most longlasting good media.

Penance accepted :iagree:

Hehe, most of us have had to pay that penance ;)…although personally, I’d already found out how crappy G05s were by the time I signed up here!

“CMC media is crap” is another DVD media [B]myth[/B] , I’ve used CMC MAGE01 and they are excellent . I also have one disc that was left outside the jewel case in dust and it was scratched badly and it still shows excellent TRT , it was burnt 18 months ago . :clap:
Back to the OT :
The real problem with Ritek is that it is a big name in media market , alot of people (who are not members of this place of course :bigsmile: ) think that Ritek media is great . I still see Ritek media sold in famous places like Rima or Supermediastore along with TY and Verbatim :eek: :Z

People should boycott Ritek , our data is precious to us and the last thing we want to see is lost data due to crap media that is [B]thought[/B] to be great one :a

Ritek has less stability problems now, but more compatibility problems.
I still don’t recommend them because Ritek is, uhh, a politically incorrect company.
CMC 8x media is good. CMC 16x media is average, given proper support. But they’re not degrading, unlike (at least some of the) Ritek media.

Every year or so i try and buy some CMC stuff. This year i have been fortunate with some 2x (even excellent when ovespeeded in my 165P6SX) and 4x (also excellent when ovespeeded in my 165P6SX) CMC media so i bought plenty of those. Since they’re no longer avail i thought i’d give the HP 8x and 16x a try (both CMC -R) and guess what… non watchable movies. From a wide range of media and writers those are the only failing media i’ve had since i bought CMC 8x -R last time. Yeah, i’d be happy to fully support that myth… but i have to say the 2x and 4x are excellent where my meetings with 8x and 16x are undesireable. Definately not worth it imo. I have to say the “failing” discs had good PIF levels (sub 200 total) - very bad PIE (avg 2-300) and a smooth TRT but nevertheless unreadable discs? :Z

Oh btw - Glad i only ever bought 25 Ritek discs (when the first 8x was out) :wink:

Off Topic :
I was refering to +R media , sorry :slight_smile:
I don’t have a standalone DVD player , so I can’t comment on the playability issues you have , I also don’t get -R media at all except TYG03 .
Also it could be just compatability issue between CMC -R and your DVD player and as you mentioned TRT and PIF for those discs is very good .

Good TRT and yet unreadable on your player? Sounds like a picky player if your computer’s drive has no issue reading them.

It’s first discs ever it doesn’t play and as i said mine does play other CMC and everything else i throw at it. Also tried one disc, HP 8x -R, @ girlfriends and a friends player = freeze and stutter until it won’t play. Those were burned @ 8x, later i burn them @ 6x and only in Pioneer and it’s ok but not affordable imo. I can find cheaper and better discs all the time but thought i’d give these a try and thought they were nice based on the PIF. Below could be one of the discs - i ran it through a schredder so i don’t have it anymore but they look ok in QS though and i remembered wrong about the PIE. Worse than my usual discs but not criminal


I think that it took a [B][I]very big [/I] [/B] person to bring back an old thread - and apologise like they have - my hat is off to you-eh! :clap: :clap: :clap:

My first DVD burner was a cutting edge Lite-on 812S, and my first blank DVD-Rs were Ritek G04. What a horrible combination that was. I found I could only burn a readable DVD @ 4x. Years later, the discs are still horrible, but they haven’t degraded that I can tell.

I normally buy cheap Daxon AZ2 discs for burn & toss use, but in penance for the Latin I just ordered a 50pc. shrinkwrap of silver Ritek 16x DVD+R from ACCA/Rima. First Ritek discs I’ve bought in over two years. Kinda curious to see what they’re like when bought from a sterling reseller.

I didn’t mean to be rude, sorry if I offended anyone. I was merely curious what it meant. :slight_smile:


I don’t think anyone was offended, least of all by you. My remark was a bit irreverent–someone who’s visited a Catholic confessional might tell ya why–but it was meant in good fun. :slight_smile:

I think your statement is ridiculous. Over and over again, for many years now, RITEK has proved itself a piss-poor quality disc when it comes to having a reflectivity quality that is friendly to players. The same players do wonderfully on TY, MCC, and quite a few others.

You may know of a few quirky exceptions, but those are not the general rule, not even close.

I’m not sure my Ritek media was purchased when they begun to have problems, but in general it has performed satisfactory.

I have 10 or 15 G04 (Newegg branded) that I got free as a gift from Newegg. They have a dark purple dye (darker than most), and start with serial #H4. These were actually the first blank DVD’s I ever came across, they were burn with an NEC 2510A more than two years ago. The discs are still readable, and scan results are some of the best I’ve seen, comparable my Maxell RG03’s and Verbatim 8/16x discs which so far have been the best.

I have a few backups (not many) on 16x DVD-R RitekF1 media. All were burned over a year ago, still scan okay with the Lite-on (comparable to my Prodisc or CMC media, not the best). If I scan with the NEC 3550A it produces pretty dismal results.

I’ve recently been doing some burns to Ritek G03’s (Arita branded) that also have been scanning nicely. I’ve got a few from a month or two ago that show satisfactory scans. They burn better on my NEC 3550A, but still produce good results on my Lite-On 160P6S.

Fortunately none of my backups are mission-critical by any stretch, so if they all take a dump in a month, I won’t be out anything… Besides a day worth of reburning. I’m confident the G04’s will be fine, but thanks to this site, I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on the fate of the G03’s.

I’m not no way trying to advocate Ritek media, just wanted to share my results. Luckily I never bought this media, it was all a gift from Newegg, so worst case scenario I’m out nothing but my time. Given the poor reviews, I won’t be buying any anytime soon. I get far worse scans my Fuji ProdiscF1 (DVD-R 8x) than I do from the Riteks, but even those are acceptable.


I think Ritek thrives on and is hindered by its business strategy: sell cheaply, and to many. It’s how they make their money. They try to produce useable media at extremely low production costs–the product quality definitely suffers in such an environment, but since it didn’t cost them too much to manufacture they can sell it for insanely low prices and not have to worry about inventory because there’s always a buyer if the price is low enough.


Anywho, here’s a scan from that 50pc spindle I bought: Ritek R04 - DVR-111L 8.29 @ 8x.

Also, I’m reburning some old Ritek DVDs to MCC-004. Here’s a scan I did about an hour ago of a two-year-old G04 burned with a PX-712A. Doesn’t look so bad, but the one before it wouldn’t even complete the quality scan.

I m living my personal Ritek G04 nightmare till this morning.By chance,i decided to scan a Ritek G04 ,branded “Ritek” (purple top) that i had burnt about 2 years ago,probably using Pioneer 107D.At the time it was within specs,cause i scan every single DVD immediately after i burn it.

The results are horrific.One worse than the other.This isnt’ the worst i 've got actually:

Other media that i had burnt at the same period,like CMC MAG F01 and MCC are Ok.ALL Riteks are more or less in this condition.Transfer test is also showing erratic reading when speed exceeds x7.

Hail Ritek!I m backing them up in new media (Memorex which came out to be…RitekF1 sigh-yes,i usually use Verbatim ,but sometimes i buy media at good price,so i got these Memorex again) as we speak.Probably in a week i ll be finished.Oh well,how else would i spend my free time? :a

RitekF1 is much more stable than G04 and G05 - I use them and they actually work very well for me.

How long since you burned them? Any period less than 6 months really isn’t an indicator.

Please post a PI/PIF scan.