What happened to ritek?

This number results from two single spikes. Difficult to judge without re-performing the scan… 40x scanning is a bit high I think.

I wasn’t around CDFreaks then, but I want to tell you thanks anyway, because sometimes it is hard announcing the bad news about something that at least used to be better. At least you were proven right, and that’s quite a bit of vindication right there. As for apologies, well, that takes courage, and that seems to be in short supply these days.

Those were single spikes. The “remove the spike” feature doesn’t seem to work correctly with CD-R disks…
The disk actually has 0 C2 errors. (i re-scanned it with a 166S, and it actually had a much lower C1 count than the 1693S scan…)

I guess the 1693S simply isn’t a good CD scanner…

Maybe you missed my post? :slight_smile: - 40X scanning is too high in my opinion with the 1693s. Just get down to 32 and I think your spikes will be gone. :cool:

Some people here may have missed this article, or perhaps have forgotten it altogether. It is an interview with Tim Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager for Ridisc. In it, he makes the following statements:

“Question: Tell us why the Original Ridisc go5 was discontinued so quickly?”

"Answer: The original success of the Ritek dye (proliferated by the success of RiDisc) wasn’t unnoticed by competitors, and other brands started to jump on the bandwagon. Very soon Ritek DVD of every grade possibly was flooding into the market. Media of B quality, C quality, and even worse, was all being sold as Grade A Ritek media and very soon, customers began to lose faith in the dye and the brands that carried the codes G04 and G05.

"It didn’t help that even Ritek themselves knowingly sold discs of lesser quality (even with their own brands) into the market to customers that didnt care about quality just as long as they made money. Even Ritek’s European Branch office, Conrexx Technology BVBA, was held responsible for introducing the notorious ‘Down Grade’ disc into Europe.

"In an email to our DVD Recordable’s guru Flash, Ritek Taiwan remarked:
‘We have same feeling that this should be a dumped DVD-R material, should be scrapped and would have no possibility to re-ship to market.’

“As a result, the customers who had once trusted the codes G04/G05 began to look elsewhere for an alternative, as they no longer had faith in the Ritek dye. In a sense, Ritek and RiDisc became victims of their own success.”

+++ end of snippet +++

In order to fully understand this issue, it helps if you also read the entire article – to provide some context for all of this. The article appeared last February, and was widely discussed on most forums such as this one. Here is a direct link:



I haven’t forgotten this “interview” (the quote because actually this is a “self-interview”), that is probably 99%, is not 100%, pure marketing propaganda.

Real purpose of this “interview” (that I would call “press release…”): Ridisc wants us to believe they only sell the “best” Riteks. I have first-hand experience that is is definitly NOT the case. With over 300 Ridisc G04 and 4 consecutive bad batches of Ridisc G05, I know Ridisc “A-grade” quality pretty well. These are cheap discs and behave… cheap. Some were amazingly good (among G04 only), some were junk (among G05 mostly), and most were… in the middle, just like any “value” Ritek disc.

Still, some elements of this interview are probably true, overproduction etc… Good idea to re-post this link, actually.

Cheers :slight_smile:


>>>I haven’t forgotten this “interview” (the quote because actually this is a “self-interview”), that is probably 99%, is not 100%, pure marketing propaganda.

Real purpose of this “interview” (that I would call “press release…”): Ridisc wants us to believe they only sell the “best” Riteks. <<<<

Hence the admonition I included urging readers to read the entire article, and pay attention to the context.

>>>Still, some elements of this interview are probably true, overproduction etc… Good idea to re-post this link, actually.<<<

I thought the same, especially since the “interviewed one” could have made his point without trashing Ritek (which I suspect put Ridisc at risk of possible legal action, IF one assumes that his accusations about Ritek flooding the market with lesser discs were false; if these accusations are valid, then of course Ritek would have no actionable case against this marketing director for a “partial subsidiary”).

And, since the topic of this discussion is “what happened to Ritek,” this may be part of the answer to that question.

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Is i possible for media to degrade while sitting unburnt on the spindle it came on? I had a stack of 100 G03s that I was burning over the course of a year or so. The initial ones were scanning pretty good and playing fine. Along the way I got rid of the drive I was using to scan (same burner though) and switched to a Mac G5. The last 15-20 on that stack were about 80% unplayable (DVD player just stopped) and now going back most of the G03 are either unplayable or getting to be unplayable. Most of them were only played once and were otherwise stored in sleeves along with other brands of media that are still fine…

If I could, I would test the discs, but there is currently no way to do that on a Mac.

I once read that unburned media should be fine still in the spindle for up to 5 years and it shouldn’t degrade. If your G03s are coming up as unplayable now, I would suspect it was that the media was so poorly made in the first place that it degraded that quickly. Add to that the fact that Riteks are largely known for rapid degradation now, with abundant proof of it. :doh:

Well… I returneth with the tail firmly between my legs. I had to return because I was so vocal in my defence of ritek and re-reading the thread disrespectful, and to all I sincerely apologise.

I now have to concede that ritek g05’s are totally awful <swallows pride>. I ran a test on a dvd burned in dec 05, and, well, you can imagine. A test on Verbatim mcc’s of the same vintage and verbatim tyg02 showed the ritek up for what they are.

I shall never doubt thee again, please, show mercy on this fool.

Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in nomine MCC et MKM et TY. :slight_smile:

Come again?

I think he thought this was Iternational Chat. No biggie.

jmpmjmpm, I declare that your penance is to reburn the contents of all of those RiTEK G05 discs onto new media! :smiley:

ANd I would suggest same for G04. (Only 2 left that show no degradation. Luckilly I only got a few of these and in most cases made a 2nd back-up on day one allready because I had my doubts !. 2nd Back-up is on CMC. At that time people were saying that CMC’s disc’s were crap however all my CMC disc’s are still fine. ALso my Ritek +R disc’s are fine.

My Ritek G04’s are holding up well (Maxell branded), but these are very old stock. I find that their +R discs and RITEKF1 are usually OK (none have degraded on me yet after a few months).

Ritek is bad mkay…

Come again?

I can understand that very clearly, thank you, since it is indeed an international chat (meens something like: " i think you should limit yourself to mcc004,mkm and ty"), but don’t play the humble guy, you surely knew that already. :doh:

Ritek was never a good media producer. They were criticized for mediocre CD-R media long before DVD-R came out, and then their initial RITEKG01 and RITEKG02 media was pretty lackluster (Princo was better at the time, 2001-2002).

Then RITEKG03 came out. It was a fluke. The media burned decently for a low price ($1-2 per disc). It was overly popular. The same can be said of TY DVD-R media these days (fantastic media, but not “the best” as it’s sometimes called, there are other good discs that can often perform better). So everybody got this false idea that “Ritek was the best”.

Then came RITEKG04 and the earliest production seemed pretty good. But it quickly flooded the market with no real quality control to be heard of (Ritek made a lot of excuses in press releases as to why so much of their media was bad). Mid/late production RITEKG04 and all RITEKG05 continued in the same grain as RITEKG01 and RITEKG02 DVD-R. Same goes for their DVD+R now. It was not really bad, but it wasn’t really good either. If you could get it to work for you, it was decent media. But Ritek suffers from reflectivity issues (their dye sucks), and there are some longevity concerns related to how well the discs are constructed.

Most people who think RITEK was great were not burning discs in 2001-2002.

For those of you who are wondering what this means, it’s a rephrased benediction in Latin:

I absolve you of your sins in the name of MCC and MKM and TY. :slight_smile: