What happened to ritek?

Ritek is great media. The only other brand that consistantly burns as well for me (ie - little/no quality variation spindle to spindle) is TY. Not MCC, Prodisc, or other. Those of us that continue to have great results with G04/G05 discs burned yesterday or two years ago will continue to use them as they are a great value. Those that have had issues will not. There’s no use in arguing with people who have lost a lot of discs… they are far too bitter to have a rational conversation.
Ritek doesn’t offer a warranty per se, but any dealer worth their weight offers one. RIMA will take back any discs and replace them no questions asked. I’m betting a lot of people don’t bother that as they don’t want the retailer to know what they’ve written on the face or the data side (ie - illegal). So there goes your warranty no matter what brand you buy.



Check Amazon.com for their reports on Ritek R03 (DVD+R 8x). There were 2 users there complaining of the same serious data degradation as the G05 line. I was surprised, because so few people who write ‘reviews’ ever test the stuff they burn, but those 2 did.

Thanks, I’ll take your word and keep checking mine from time to time. On a happier note, I burned my last Ritek disc last night (R03). Finally I am done with them.

jmpmjmpm, postings like that one above will just get you ignored.

just checked a few of the large number of 4x +r riteks i burned a few months ago first burn’t 400 ish pif’s now less than 500 meg scaned 30000 ish after spending all that time rebacking up & money looks like i might have to start all over again thank you ritek :Z

Chas (and to anyone else that’s curious), here’s the link on how bad the R03s are. There are at least 3 reviews regarding the same lack of quality and overall data degradation.

I have had exactly the same experience with most G05.

Why on earth would these discs would be the ONLY ONES to show degradation in my collection, if it was a “storing problem” :rolleyes: . Don’t you think that most advanced members of this forum know how to take care of their media? :bigsmile:

Ritek has been overhyped on the net because their G04 from 2003 were good discs at a good price. At that time, discs were expensive and most users looked for cheaper alternatives. The name “Ritek” became synonymous of “quality” just because of that. TDK, Maxell, TY, Verbatim, Sony and Pioneer discs were at least as good, and certainly better, but they were more expensive.

When Ritek started their overproduction, it took time before people started to report fast degradation. Ritek’s reputation on the net is only starting to be put down for real. There are still tons of “DVD advice pages” that list Ritek as “best media”, well you’d be surprised at how old these pages are. :bigsmile:

Well whatever. I think we’re spending too much time in warning people that just don’t want to be warned. Let them have their own experiences.

I’d just be less upset if they stopped stating that those who have bad experience with Ritek are clueless dumb guys who use el-cheapo burners and leave their media in the oven. :rolleyes: or are “too bitter to have a rational conversation” (sic). :rolleyes: LOL

Good point. Yeah, PI/PIF scans are not the end of all things. Other things, that we can’t test for, are important (reflectivity for example, that seems to be excellent with Ritek discs - at least with G04s).

But that’s one of the things I dislike with my own G04s actually. In sounds paradoxal, I know, but let me explain.

These discs seem to be readable until the error levels are so high that POFs start to occur, making the discs totally unreadable. They don’t warn you with skips & freezes (video discs), or long re-reads (data discs). Then, suddenly and without warning, they fail, totally, irremediably, before you have the time to re-write to other discs… :a

So without PIE/PIF scanning, you have no clue as when the disc will fail. Among the +/- 400 G04s I’ve burned, about 60-70 suddenly failed like this, some after 8 months, some after a year, some after three weeks (among discs buyed after september 2004 :Z - those I bought before seem very stable). G05s seem to behave similarly but I haven’t burnt enough (about 100) to have a big picture. And most gave mediocre scans right from the start anyway so I just trashed them. :rolleyes: - only Traxdata and Maxell G05 discs are still in my collection, other G05s all finished in the trash (after having been copied to MCC 02RG20 or TYG02).

After hours and hours of scanning my collection, I am perfectly sure that almost all G04s sold since mid-2004 show faster degradation, except for batches I have with serials starting with “J6” and “H1”, that seem rather stable. The worst batches here have serials starting with H4, K3 and D2. All my G04s that failed in less than 2 months were H4 or K3… and were buyed in 2005. Probably the last batches manufactured. I’ve also encountered G04s without serial number, with a frosted hub similar to TY discs. I don’t know about these, they were bought by a friend I’ve lost contact with.

Another thing that is funny is that all batches buyed in 2005 have a lighter dye color, actually exactly the same color as G05 discs. Think about it. It makes sense… out of specs G05s sold as G04… wouldn’t surprise me.

I’m off, I need sleep. :slight_smile:

You should have seen the quality reviews of their CDR disks a couple of years ago

When I first started following this site, Ritek CDR’s were considered poor quality. Then a couple of years ago, Ritek’s started getting rave reviews here and TY’s were getting harder to find, so I bought two cakeboxes when they went on sale. I still have some left and they have always burned just as nice as the TY’s (low errors when checked on KProbe, Prodics that I bought always had many more errors). I have not gone back to check on degradation, since I mostly use them for backing up my CD collection to use in my and my wife’s cars.

Therefore, your assertion that Riteks have always been considered a marginal media is wrong, although which is not to say that they are not a marginal CDR media, just saying that they were very highly praised here and longevity may have proven that they are not as good as everyone thought. Still don’t have a DVD writer, so I can’t comment on their DVD R’s.

Get me ignored? tell someone who gives a ****, sorry, but that implies that I value your input, and based on it’s quality so far, I don’t. I do aplolgise to those who may have been offended by my storage remark, I take it back. But don’t think for one second that “clicks” bother me. Not that many here may be in a “click”, apologies to those of you who are not.

“click” - Group if pathetic individuals whom think they “know it all” but in fact know very little so form groups to feed off each other’s ego’s to maintain the delusion.

Actually, it would be a “clique”.

:iagree: Correct

Franckly from reading all the posts here, I fail to see any “clique” of any sort. :bigsmile: - take it easy, man…

I stand corrected. Clique it is :clap:

and that would be “frankly” :smiley:

As far as cliques go, you might want to label the entire site. Think about what the name implies. “CDFREAKS” that means most people here are uber-geek media research types. You are correct that storage IS a factor for media integrity. There are a number of factors within storage that can affect media. However, there are a number of other aspects to consider. Do an error scan of your G05 Ritek media now and do another scan of the same disc a few months down the road with the exact same settings/program, ect. and see if you don’t notice a significant difference. In addition most of us visit not only this site but a number of others as well and listen to people’s personal experiences. Can’t tell you how many people who have had nothing but trouble with Ritek G05 have had their sanity saved by going with MCC or Taiyo Yuden. Videogame consoles have lasers that are FAR more picky than your average DVD Player. The fact of the matter is that this is one of several sites that I visit and the reports here match the reports elsewhere. Ritek G05 is hit and miss (works great for some, like crap for others). MCC and Taiyo Yuden work perfectly for almost everybody who tries them. I used to be a HUGE Ritek advocate during the G03/G04 years as they delivered excellent compatibility at a relatively low cost. However, once G05 Ritek came around Ritek fans started to crumble and switch to other media as they ran into all sorts of issues with G05. Burner and firmware can also make a difference. Some burners tend to do better with Ritek than others (ie NEC) but that still doesn’t mean that the media isn’t at fault.

If you read back this thread started to deteriorate when someone said ritek has always been rubbish or similar. That is not true and I defended my view. If others want to (and have) given ritek a bashing, that’s fine, I have had no problem with them - ever, so I will continue to buy them. Is ty better, hell yes, is mcc better - probably, others - I doubt it. I haven’t magically managed to buy every good box of ritek. I believe that obviously a lot of people have had a problem with ritek, fair enough, I have not.

Just out of curiosity which country do you live in and how big is the price difference between Ritek and TY or MCC? Here in the states it just doesn’t make sense to bother with Ritek anymore. Compare the prices at www.rima.com

Yes that’s pretty much how I felt when I first noticed people on various forums saying Ritek was crap while I still hadn’t had any problems with them (at the time that is). Back then I was still using older G04 stock and I’d had no issues with them.

Then it came time to buy some G05’s and I was a little dubious because of what I’d read on various forums but I bought them anyway. I was so relieved when I burnt a few and saw that they had good quality scans that I posted my results (on another forum) just to bragg that Ritek was still good. I didn’t say it but naturally I was thinking that my G05’s worked well while other peoples didn’t because I was so dammed smart and they were all so fricking stupid. I thought that they probably didn’t know how to handle or store media properly, or maybe they didn’t know how to use their burning software properly. Let’s face nobody else can click that “burn” button in nero quite as skillfully as me - one smooth arc with the mouse from the compilation window to the burn button and then one short decisive click - nobody does it better! :smiley:

After that I forgot all about Ritek quality issues and relaxed. That was until one day about six weeks ago when I decided to make a random test of media in my DVD collection. I found that about 1 in 3 of my Riteks was having read-back issues in cd-dvdspeed transfer rate test. At the time I didn’t realize it but these were all G05’s. Because they’re all printable white-tops I couldn’t tell the difference just by looking at them, but when I investigated it further and did some Pi/PIF scans I found the truth. Every one of these failing discs was a G05 and nearly all of my G05’s were similarly afflicted. Basically they all turned from good scans to utter crap in a few short months under good storage conditions, the error levels on some of these G05’s had actually increased by over one hundred fold. So just ignore everyone else’s experiences at you own peril!

Nicely put uart :bigsmile: - I had a good laugh

I started pointing out problems with ritek media around xmas 2003 and was pretty much flamed by everyone on this forum. Now they all agree with me. It’s nice to be right. I’ve not had many apologies yet though.

Good post.
I find it hard to believe that others still read posts like this and then run out and burn mission critical data to Riteks. Isn’t it worth the peace of mind to pay a little more and get some truly quality media that won’t conk out on you?

It would be nice if many of the non TY/Verbatim products were of the same quality of many of the CD-R’s from 1999… I have a bunch of old CD burns, made on various media (usually gigastorage or prodisc) and they still read just fine, 6 years later. Yet everyone’s DVD’s are falling apart after months :Z

And gigastorage and prodisc were considered “medium quality” media.

Imagine how long my Mitsui Silver’s will last!

Here’s a backup of Wheel of Time CD2 (Unprotected due to the burners of that time), I think I burned it with a Yamaha 4416S…still works fine today (the CD, not the drive!).

1499 C2 errors in total. Not exactly an example of a good disc! :disagree: