What happened to ritek?

I haven’t been burning much over past months, and had to buy a new burner coz the other one died (could have been through lack of use) but when I bought the new burner, I also bought a box of ritek g05’s (believing them to be one of the best)but it seems my info is out of date (as such I just got some ty’s and verbatim mcc (see my other post)) but what I want to know is what happened to ritek, I grasped snippets that ritek is now pretty poor stuff but how poor? and when did this happen? from “one of the best” to this, I have g04’s burned 6+months ago and they are perfect!

Ritek has never–ever----ever…been one of the best.
They have been average at best (some of their +R R03 media burns decently, SMELLS like Piss, and I don’t know if it degrades over time) , mediocre to horrible at worst. Ritek branded Ricoh (Japanese) media seems to be liked by some people, as its not taiwanese plant made (Rather ritek uses ricoh tech for those). But other than that, most seem to avoid ritek unless no other suitable brand can be found. Even if it burns ok, longevity is a major concern.

well, the G04s seem to have had lower production, and therefore better quality than the G05s–which were/are overproduced. But, the Ritek R03 (DVD+R 8x), G04 (DVD-R 4x) and G05 (DVD-R 8x) have serious degradation problems (i.e., initial burn may be great, but in as little as 2 weeks they have 2x-7x more errors and quickly become unreadable in a year or less.

It is so poor, if you want peace of mind, stop buying anything Ritek, as they have at best spotty quality control (but really have NONE). Also notice that NOTHING RITEK carries a warranty of any kind, therefore NO replacement when it fails. So, get good quality media, and preferably something with a LIFETIME warranty.

ritek doesnt warranty there media?

thats a big red flag

Well everything ritek ive ever used apart from G04’s have had to be re-burned, G05’s have been utter crap scanned great after the burn but after a few months they we utter garbage some of them even showed POF errors after about 5 months, im talking about Traxdata branded ritek discs supposedly riteks premium line, utter sh*te, thank god for Verbatim/TY

i still find it very strange that Riteks are scanning so badly yet still being perfectly readable and giving good speed curves yet discs with much better scans have horrable read curves.

Don’t know were you shop but allmost all my stores give a waranty on manufactureing defects on traxdata but not on all the other official ritek brands.
(also no one of these shops gives a waranty on any E-net product. It doesn’t matter if it’s ritek in that case. )

Now point is that it says manufactureing defect. For some people this one might be hard to proof I know but let me say this I think it should be possible to take them on these claime if you know your stuff.

Only other Ritek’s with a waranty come from the big brands like FUJI and so.

R03’s are going bad now? Crap. I burnt through a 100pk of those with great scans. Hopefully they were a better batch than most. :slight_smile:

erm, right!
I used ritek a lot (the g04’s) and never had a bad burn, and six months later my disks are fine. Ritek never one of the best… absolute rubbish. I saw them highly praised one several forums when I satrted out, that’s why I bought them!

seems to me that those of you complaining about degradation need a better storage system. If you had said “yes, they were, but they let things slide badly” then I would have believed you. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend but I think I should have taken the views here with a large pinch of salt. Your gonna tell me cmc n princo is good media next!

7 month old ritek g04, burned @ 4x with pioneer 108

1 day old g05 burned @ 8x with pioneer 110d fw 1.08

I don’t think that’s so bad

As with all dvd-+rs you have to keep them in a dry, cool place and in an upright position!

This I believe is the reason for most degredation of dvds either blank or prerecorded especially if you live in humid, hot conditions.

  1. I’ve never complained about storage systems. My disks remain in one place.
  2. I suspect most people here keep their CDs in slimline or other dustproof cases in 65-85F temps. Perfectly normal.
  3. You are new on the forum…if you bother to do a search, then I suspect you would swallow some of your opinions very fast, when the great majority agree with me on the overall quality of ritek.

Ritek has -never- made a quality media. Go to ANY media review page (I don’t have any links…use the search) and you will see that Ritek has always been a “short term” archive strategy / average (Medium) quality for most of their products, while a few have been abysmal.

And the smell on those +R’s…don’t get me started on that…

You should have seen the quality reviews of their CDR disks a couple of years ago :slight_smile:

So if you have perfect burns with riteks that last years, great for you. We don’t necessarily have your burner or your particular stamped media, so don’t expect your results to speak for the masses…

Where do you live? I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it’s very humid, and my Ritek CDs from 3 years ago are now filled with errors, even though they originally burned perfectly. I’ve seen another post wondering about humidity and Ritek’s degradation.

upright position ! SAY WHAT???

Does this apply to CDs?

Feel free to disregard the warnings here, if you want, but I have seen evidence first hand of Ritek G05 degradation while in perfect storage after only 3 months and I am very meticulous in my data analysis. Others have as well and most of the posts I have read have come from those who know how to store media. Lastly, if storage is a problem for so many of us, as you imply, then it is very unusual that all my other media types have NO problems whatsoever while in the same storage. Multiple burners, multiple speeds, multiple media, multiple burn dates, and the only constant is Ritek.

Looks like the problem is Ritek, not us.

And for the record, the G04 that is most often having problems has some type of printable surface added. The G05 seems to have been purchased in the very early Spring of this year, and I have not yet seen any reports of deteriorating R03 nor have I seen any of my own R03 go downhill. If any of you have, a before and after scan would be helpful. I did this with my G05 in a prior post and the increase in errors was very clear.

Humidity and sunlight are the worst factors leading to deterioration, assuming good media to begin with. I have seen the recommendations about upright storage as well but no real evidence. I am lucky as that is what I happen to have anyway so I don’t have to worry either way.



Look at the PIF totals.

Please read the FAQS on this forum before commenting like that.
PIF should be under 10 in all cases, and good scans will have them at 4 or lower.

That disk will have read speed problems…and eventually will not be able to be read on some drives.

I think it’s you who need to go back and have a read! :eek:

Come back when you know what your talking about