What happened to my torrent speed?

i’ve been use’n bitspirit for like a long long long time now and for the past 2 months its been slow as hell, get around like 10-30kbps…most of the time under 10kbps. i tried everything like different ports different programs and nothing seems to work

has anything happened to the torrent world that i should know about

when will i see download speeds of 300kbps again :sad: :sad: :sad:

ps. anyone know what the yellow/orange caution sign means in bitspirit under the peer connection tab thingy (the place that show if peers are upload’n or dodwnloading to you somethings it goes orange color) i see that alot these days

I never see much above 150kbps even with the strongest torrents and often have to put up with 30kps and I’ve always put it down to the fact that my ISP limits my upload speed to 38kbps. Certain ISP’s don’t like P2P and maybe yours is now choking you. Have you tried Azureas with the SafePeer plugin which prevents certain peers from slowing down the torrent? I’d be interested to hear if you manage to get back up to speed.

If I remember correctly, the upload speed that’s used to calculate the download limits is taken from the program, not the actual uploading (I might be wrong, though).
If that’s the case, one could set the client to T1 or something and use a bandwidth limiter such as NetPeeker to limit its uploading speed externally.

i used to put my upload to like 10kbps and i used to get good downloads like 300kbps all the time and now i try 20-30kbps and gett’n shit ass downloads…maybe people don’t like to seed thats the only thing i can think of.

will try Azureus with the plug in and report back

As a matter of interest, which Internet Service Provider do you use and also which package? I have heard of certain ISP’s delibertly throttling the bandwidth of uncommon port ranges such that priority is given to the main ports such as POP3 & SMTP(e-mail), HTTP (web access), etc. This is likely the case if the speeds have slowed down all the sudden and you have not made any changes to potentially cause this such as install a Firewall (or modify an existing one’s settings), update your router’s firmware, etc. :rolleyes:

First, just check that incoming connections are working fine. When you download content over BitTorrent in Azureus, a smiley will appear next to each download. These should turn to a green happy face after a short period (usually within a minute). If not, there is an issue accepting incoming connections.

From my experience (with a 1Mb down / 128k up ADSL link), the uplink limit should be set such that it does not severely cripple your browsing performance, but not too low either. For example, if I set the uplink limit to 12KB/sec (or higher), downloads go down to crawl and browsing performance feels worse than dial-up. An uplink limit of 4KB/sec generally works quite well and browsing performance also is about as good as just a HTTP based download going in the background. Finally, an uplink limit of 8KB/sec seems to give the best balance for downloading. Then again, while this works well for me with my ISP, someone with a faster uplink (such as 256K) would benefit with higher upload limit figures. :wink: