What happened to DVD Region+CSS Free

Their has been no updates since August. Yet the other software have had all kinds of protection updates which means this software will not work on these new fixed protection types. Has support been dropped for DVD Region+CSS Free so we that purchased it is just out of luck?



To purchase DVD Region+CSS Free, DVD Region+CSS Free Lite and DVDIdle Pro, DVDIdle, the online store will be back as soon as possible. For now, you can use the trial version for 90 days. Please check this web page later."

I hope the online store will be up and running very soon. Thanks, Fengtao, for adding that information on the website.

Problem isn’t the trial. Problem is the copy protection doesn’t work anymore. It’s too outdated I’m already a registered owner of this product and I have to use DVD43 just to be able to copy movies right now. That is really really sad :frowning:

Fengtao is working to update it. DVD43 quit working for me over a year ago I purchased a custom package of DVDFab products.


bigmacnc dvd43 is still being updated and where dvd region+css free wouldn’t work on several dvd’s the dvd43 has. They need to update soon they ignored it for too long now.

I don’t know what the fuss is about CSS free, I just downloaded the update 2 days ago{} and have been downloading the updates forever before that.
I Have yet to find a movie i can’t backup using DVD shrink and 1Click DVD

Fuss is the actual protection routines has not been updated since August. I am a fully registered paid for user of the software and here I am using a free software… Why did I buy this software if the free one is being updated faster than something I paid so much for?

DVD43 has not been updated since may.

22 May 2006 - 3.9.0

  • solve crash from bogus vobu
  • removed detection of bad sector for DVDs not matching region of DVD reader
  • [B]only decryption done now[/B]

DVD43 only removes the CSS from the discs now. All the other stuff that is found on some discs (mostly SONY titles) - Arccos, bad sectors etc cannot be removed by DVD43, which is where DVD Region+CSS Free and other decrypting tools or DVD-backup software(with built in rippers) come into their own.

@Molitar - just out of interest what program are you using alongside DVD43 to backup your movies?

Bubbles depends on what I feel like using at the time… Sometimes Alcohol and othertimes Nero. But last one the dvd was one I was salvaging and the DVD Region+CSS Free wouldn’t work with DVD Diagnostics so I used DVD43 and the DVD Recovery option to recover the files to a DVD folder so I could reburn it on a new DVD.