What Happened to Dealsonic?



Did they go out of business? Their web site no longer works, and their reseller ratings have dropped to 0:

This was the last good deal they had:



They probably folded up since there were many complaints about their business practices. I remember reading about customers being given the shaft on their orders and not being able to get refunds.


I did business with them in the past but never did get shafted on anything I bought from
them or anything like that. I guess they along with numerous other businesses went down
the drain with the poor economy and all. Reminds me of 2000 and the dot com bubble burst
a lot of places and websites went under back then as did a lot of peoples fortunes they just
up and vanished overnight it seemed. :eek:


Me either, no problems with them at all.

Where oh where to search for good cheap external cases now-a-days…

Any suggestions?




Very nice, thank you!